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I will be in France for a wedding next month and wanted to see if any of les FTC’rs have any recommendations for food/drink/et cetera. I’ll be in Paris a few days, Rennes for a few more and potentially another yet-to-be-determined spot. Maybe Provence? My last time in France was when I studied abroad there, surviving on baguette/fromage/jambon/beurre, so I’m excited to be more intentional about trying out more restaurants. Probably will look for a mix of a couple higher end meals and more casual ones and a bunch of pastires.

Here are some of the places I’ve identified so far (in no particular order):

I know that I’m not going to get to all of these, and I will be leaving some open so that I can go with something that is close or looks good, but if anyone is familiar with any of the above or has any “oh damn, you gotta get a croissant here” or “if you want to experience what French cuisine is all about, go here” type places, would love to hear your thoughts.


Highly recommend Chez L’amis Jean. Shouldn’t be a tough res. Order a la carte instead of the tourist prix fixe. The rice pudding is a must. Quite possibly the best dessert anywhere.

Friends who visited recently had amazing meals at Passage 53 and David Toutain. 2* level food with a more casual ambiance.

Also Le Comptoir for dinner. Never managed to get in myself.

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Oh, yea. Thanks! Will definitely add Chez L’amis Jean into my plans. Passage 53 was also mentioned in that NYT article, and David Toutain looks great as well. That’s part of the problem - seems like so many good options.

It’s going to be a bit of a puzzle since I’ll be there mostly over a weekend when a lot of restaurants seem to be closed.

I enjoyed Gare au Gorille a good bit. Also loved a little neighborhood spot called Matière à by the canal. Where are you staying?

Gracias! Looks like Gare au Gorille has a great lunch deal.

I’ll probably be staying pretty centrally. Looking in Saint Germain in the 6th Arro right now but would be open to any recommendations in that regard, as well.

In the 6th, I’ve had a nice lunch at L’atelier Joel Robuchon…
Le Florimond in the 7th across from the metro stop, is one of my faves for dinner.
Have a picnic in the gardens of the Rodin musee.
Have a wonderful time!

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SUPER. Thanks for the recommendations!

I’ve been noting some markets and specialty shops and definitely plan to faire du pique-nique.

I am going there myself next month. You can skip l’As du Fallafel. We ate there a few years ago and it was nothing special. I make a better falafel myself.
You must go to Jacques Genin for hot chocolate, caramel, chocolate and more.

Good to know. I may still try it out if there’s not much of a line, but it looks like Mizon, which is right around the corner, gets pretty good reviews.

Do you have any reservations made or restaurants on your list for your upcoming visit? So far my only definitely are L’ami Jean and Clown Bar.

Bon voyage!

i liked le grand vefour Le Grand Véfour - Gastronomical restaurant in the heart of Paris, by Guy Martin it was a 3 star at the time.

it’s been almost 20 years, but there was a chinese place in the 15th arrondissement, rare at the time for it to have garnered even a single michelin star. they made peking duck, but with french ducks which are a bit more lean, so it was an interesting take.

from paris we took the truck routes south and ate pretty well for cheap at truck stops. spent a bit of time in avignon, from there to marseilles for the bouillabaisse. moseyed across provence to the italian border.

knowing what i know now, i would have included lyon.

i’m sure there are some great blogs out there on where to eat in paris, they would clearly be a more informed source than i. but try to eat at least one chocolate croissant a day. and a lot of cheese. and if you’re eating in a neighborhood bistro, more often than not, the house red will be the best choice to complement what you’re eating.

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This is what I’m talkin’ bout. Thank you for the response. I’ll also be on the lookout for that street hot dog you mentioned in the other post.

Lyon is on my radar as well. On vera.

I have made the following reservations for the four days that we will be in Paris:

Le Grand
Les climats

You must go to Breizh Café for their amazing crepe

For sweets you can look into the places that I have been:
Des Gâteaux et du Pain
Pierre Hermé
Jean-Paul Hévin for amazing chocolates specially the raspberry
Sadaharu Aoki
Hugo & Victor

On the list to try this time:
Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse
Blé Sucré (they suppose to have great croissant)
Mori Yoshida
La Pâtisserie des Rêves
Du Pain et des Idees suppose to be great


Thank’ya! Your list looks great.

Might have to steal a couple of your restaurant ideas…

I’m also going to be in Rennes for a couple days, and I believe the first location of the Breizh Café is there, so I’ll definitely be stopping by.

And I’m adding all those sweets to my list. I’ve been creating a custom map in Google Maps with all the different restaurants, bakeries, shops, museums, etc., and I would highly recommend it. Really helpful when planning out days and making sure you keep track of all the places you want to hit up.

Thank you. I work on my maps and lists until the last second. No wonder I don’t get enough sleep.

Hey @Porthos, we’re thinking of doing a day trip to Reims/Epernay to visit the champagne motherland. From what I’ve gathered on the boards, you seem to have a lot of knowledge on cette sujet. Would there be any champagne wineries or makers that you would recommend seeking out?

Just curious, so no worries either way.


I have never visited Champagne myself.

My favorite champagne house is Krug but I think it’s impossible to get in.

Pierre Peters makes a great champagne with an even better QPR to boot. Maybe try seeking that out.

For the ones specifically in Reims, your best bets are Taittinger and Veuve. I hear the Taittinger tour is more private and the Veuve one is largest. Make sure you book the tours in advance.

In Epernay, of course Moët et Chandon.

For something less commercial: Champagne wine route: top 10 guide | Travel |

Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to those pictures!

This is great. Thanks!

I checked, and you’re right: Krug isn’t open to the public. I love the idea of trying to get to one or some of those on that link, even though I’m sure the bigger houses would still be great to visit (and probably easier). Appreciate all the thoughts!

Moet & Chandon has a nice tour.

It’s been ages, but the lobster I had at Vefour was incroyable.

This rec may be a little late, but instead of visiting the falafel place, go to Miznon. Their cauliflower is extraordinary, best rendition I’ve ever had. Plus they got really good falafel and it’s in the Marais so you can get that vibe…