Frances - SF

I was going to a movie at the Castro, parked around the corner, Frances was having a slow night, so I finally got to eat there after years of not being able to get a reservation.

I like their thing of serving house wine in a graduated cylinder and charging by the ounce. That night it was a very nice Stony Hill Chardonnay. I didn’t care for the red.

Fritto misto and octopus salad, small servings but reasonable for the price and quality.

Cauliflower side, I’m not sure why they call it “tabbouleh,” great mix of flavors and textures. I’ll have to try the fried farro at home.

Halibut, perfectly cooked. There’s some black rice hiding under there.

Went back after the movie for dessert. The Lumberjack Cake was light and had a great texture, reminded me of Parkin minus ginger plus coconut. I think the server said they vary the dried fruit and that night it was made with figs. On the side is brown sugar ice cream on slivered dates.

This is pretty much my favorite kind of restaurant.

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Thanks for the report @robert. Looks pretty good.

Overall I found it quite similar to Bar Jules, Melissa Perello’s old second place, only with nicer furnishings. I presume Octavia is also similar.

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