Frank Fat's?, Sacramento

What is this place?

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It’s one of the oldest Chinese places in Sacramento. By all accounts it’s quite good, but I’ve never been.

The honey walnut prawns are apparently the go to dish from there. I suspect it’s a relatively standard standard American Chinese place that has gained a lot of affection through longevity.

It’s not at all convenient to my place, and we have a perfectly nice place mere blocks from me (Temple Garden) that does perfectly good General Chicken, chow mein, and cream cheese crab puffs.

I keep meaning to give it a try. I’ll be sure to report if that ever happens.


Please do and thanks for the info.

I try not to badmouth a small business but Fat’s is such an institution it can probably take it. Fat’s is fine but I think it’s survived more as a place to do business/politics than because of the food. It actually kind of bummed me out that it got a Bib Gourmand mention.

It’s been so long since I’ve been I asked my brother what he thinks about Fats because he worked there for years. He said it’s expensive but the gravied stir fries are decent enough, vegetables aren’t bad. Avoid the apps.

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I don’t think Michelin’s ever been a great guide to Chinese restaurants, at least outside of China.