Franklin BBQ (Austin, TX) - Brisket




I think they sold out. :[

Physical and virtual lines :weary:

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That’s pre-Covid. Now you can order in advance for pickup at a specific time. Too bad for the people who love setting the alarm clock to line up for hours.

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Excellent brisket. Structured yet soft and jiggly.

Pro-tip warm it a bit longer than the recommended 75min @ 225F. I think maybe 90-95 mins instead.
It’s crucial for the fat properly to be properly warmed up for optimal enjoyment.

For bark aficionados, it is more prominent vs Snow’s. Although a bit too aggressively seasoned IMO, could probably take it down a few notches. I think Snow’s might be a touch more moist.

Can’t go wrong with either although Snow’s offers a more compelling QPR.

Upside of Covid. Home delivery option from all these legendary places.

Need to rewatch Franklin’s carving video again. Think I messed up by not carving against the grain on the moist end.


Franklin’s sold out on Goldbelly. Any tips?

I think you just have to check frequently. I manage to get the batch when delivery was initially announced a couple weeks ago.

I keep checking back and it’s always sold out. Now it also seems to be broken. I’m curious about that cake-pie hybrid.

That cake/pie looks good

@robert @PorkyBelly available now


Already sold out. I snoozed, I losed.

Finally got an order in. Looking forward to trying it in early February.

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Does it seem right that Goldbelly would charge me in December for an order that’s not going to be fulfilled until February?

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Might have something to do with them trying to close the books on 2020? Not that that is correct, but maybe that is the way they handle their books…

I don’t think it had anything to do with the books. They just billed as soon as I placed the order. Normally retailers don’t bill anything on back-order until the order is fulfilled.

Ok. Was just a guess…

Whole brisket supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I see there are instructions in one of Sgee’s photos.

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