Fred’s Rye Bread

I was riding my bike down Robertson when I passed Fred’s Bakery and Deli. Fred’s is supposedly the source of Langer’s Rye. I picked up a loaf of the corn rye, which while tasted was good the texture was way off. I think Langer’s does the second bake which give it the signature crust and the tender inside. I’ll have to see if there are ways I could recreate the texture. Plus I need to make a pilgrimage to Langers, since it has been a while.


Yeah, Langer’s does a second bake.

Hold the Sysco coleslaw and industrial cheese.

From the Eater article @Robert posted.

The bead is famously double baked. The first bake happens at Fred’s. When it arrives at Langer’s, it is re-baked at 350 degrees for half an hour.

I. Going to give this a try myself.

Langer’s may get less-baked loaves so that they don’t end up overcooked and dried out.


Has anyone attempted to order a loaf of rye according to Langer’s specifications? Might be worth a shot.