FREE Membership before MARCH 15 - Pacific Dining Car | 1921 Club


thank you , this is great

I emailed them and asked about the free birthday entree. Apparently, you can order the Cowboy steak if you want (which is overpriced at $84.95 for sure, but for free it’s a no brainer).


Signed up even though I haven’t eaten there in ~15 years.

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PSA: Free for members.

Enjoy a 4 ounce hamburger, made from our signature in-house grinding of Prime USDA beef - a unique blend of ribeye, New York sirloin and filet. Served on a house made Brioche bun with aged Tillamook cheddar, dill pickle, lettuce and Thousand Island dressing.

It’s on the house for 1921 Club members!


Dining Car Membership is open again. If you are so inclined. Just received the email.


Thanks! It was my b-day earlier this year, so I know where I’m eating soon… :smiley:

Thanks for the update. I signed up and got my free rib eye. It was lovely. :slight_smile:

Nice! There are few things as lovely as Blue Crab Benedict at 3 am. Or indigestion inducing, I forget …


In! Family is going to love it. Didn’t care about this post because I thought it’s only in SM and drove by a downtown adjacent location just yesterday! Birthday treat is for a full month?!

Downtown location happens to have considerably better food, too (somehow - better chefs?), so it’s a win-win for you.

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