Free Primo's Donuts 7/9 for their 60th Anniversary!

Just in from Eater LA!

Primo’s Donuts gives it all away

“West LA doughnut legend Primo’s Donuts is practically giving away the store tomorrow (Saturday July 9th) morning from 8 a.m. to noon, dishing out a free classic buttermilk doughnut to everyone who comes in. The reason? It’s the shop’s 60th anniversary, so they’re giving back to the folks who have helped to make them famous.”


That buttermilk bar is my favorite donut I’ve had in LA. My wife favors Sidecar’s
Butter and Salt. We’ve never had a chomp-off with both contenders present. Maybe tomorrow.


Don’t get me wring, I love, LOVE me that Primo’s buttermilk bar. But with this promotion, you’ll have a queue of people wrapped around the freaking block.

A 30+ minute wait for a single free doughnut which I can purchase on any other day of the year for less than $2 without any significant wait?

No thanks. I will support Primo’s by actually giving them my business on the other days of the year.


Agree. Was just saying lets go on Sunday when it’ll be less crowded. And let’s stop at sidecar for butter and salt and have our personal chomp-off.


How much is a buttermilk doughnut these days at Primo’s?

Something under $2, as I recall.

Now the queue will be 2+ hours, not 30 minutes.

Thanks, weird that their website is down.