Freezing yeasted dough

My favorite pizza dough recipe makes four pizza, but since ebeth grew up and left home that’s way too much for the two of us. I have had poor results in freezing dough as the yeast doesn’t quite seem as lively after thawing. Odd as I keep the yeast in the freezer. Perusing the topic on line I came across the tip to freeze the dough before the first rise. Works like a charm. I apply the same method to hamburger and hot dog buns, which are never quite as perky after thawing. So I portion out the dough before the first rise, freeze the lumps on a parchment lined cookie sheet, then vacuum seal individual portions. After thawing the dough rises just as well as when it is fresh. Its not as convenient as freezing an already baked bun, but the final product is so much better.

I’m excited about this and thank you so much. I’m going to take a deep breath and do this. Thanks, “dad.”

I made the dough a month ago, froze it, rose it and baked it. I did the hot dog bun New England style; I don’t think I’ll ever go back to conventional. Here is the technique, Blog | King Arthur Baking. I did not buy the pan but instead used a 9X13 glass baking dish. I just used a little less than half of it and created a fourth edge with a plastic container during the rise. Worked beautifully. Should have taken a side shot of the bun, but hope this shows enough. Boar’s Head natural casing dog, sous vide at 155 then run under the broiler (couldn’t see lighting the grill for a few dogs).

I’ve been gone from home for a couple of weeks and cuckoo busy before that. Gotta try this. Thanks