Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

I’ve been drinking one glass of fresh squeezed OJ a day. Everyone freaks the fuck out. Can it be that bad for me? Is it that much sugar? geez.

It’s not as good for you as eating an orange. Each orange has the equivalent of two to four teaspoons of sugar.

How large is your glass?

Drink on, I say. There are far worse things that other people put down the hatch.



I mean, that’s about 220 calories. That’s not quite as much as a Snickers bar and it doesn’t have the fiber you’d get from eating a whole orange but you are getting vitamins.

After a visit to the doctor recently I started keeping a close eye on everything I eat just to see if anything was unexpected and found that the nice wholesome cocoa I have before going to bed is about 160 calories. Even so, on the balance (and because I have to for health reasons) I chose to be more mindful of how I cook and what I eat and I still drink cocoa most nights.

Bottom line, it’s helpful to know some basics about what you’re eating but in the end if you’re comfortable with it, you do you.


Around 220 calories all from sugar. You’ll also get 200% of your vitamin C for the day, but you probably don’t have a deficiency, so it’s basically empty calories, like candy.

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Man, this sucks.

I’m going to go with this sentiment. :slight_smile:


If drinking OJ is your worst eating or drinking habit i think you are doing fine


That’s about 42 grams of sugar. The recommended amount for women is 25-30 grams a day. If your diet can handle the amount of sugar, then enjoy it, but I know for me, it would be way too much.

As a type one, I use 200ml orange or apple juice to treat a hypoglycemia - otherwise, I avoid it like the plague! So as boogie said, if you can handle that amount then drink it w/o problems. If not - then don’t.
For me it’s the same with most fruit. It doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from, fresh fruit or juice, it’s still sugar that will bump up your blood glucose.