Fresh Vietnamese Bun Noodles

Anyone know where to buy BUN noodle fresh in the Los Angeles area?


Try Lee’s Noodles.

If they don’t have it (or won’t make it for you), then can probably lead you to the right direction.

Thanks, Encyclopedia Ipse!

99 Ranch carries several different widths of fresh rice noodles.

Thanks, but not fresh bun noodle.

I don’t know if these are bun nooodles but my MIL bought these at Ranch 99 to use for jja jiang main. They were delicious. Great chew and texture. So much better than the type of noodles you’d normally get at a Korean place.

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I think fresh bun noodles are extruded straight into boiling water.

Bún typically refers to rice noodles—-mì refers to wheat based noodles.

Having said that, we like this brand too and use it for dan dan mian

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