Fresh white truffle prices in your area?


Too early in the season, none have arrived yet.



I would never buy white truffles without knowing exactly where they came from and when. Those could have been in someone’s deep freeze since last year. The three local retailers I know who get them direct from Italy don’t have any yet. Neither does Urbani’s web shop.

Babbo got some Monday:

This page says they’re $230 an ounce and Urbani’s working with restaurants in NYC to do a festival Nov. 5-12:

In about 2-3 weeks, Surfas in Culver City will have fresh white truffles.

In years past, they’ve had some white truffles at $4,000 / lb.

Okay, so for $250 you can get an ounce at Surfas. Is that enough for anything? How much truffle does one use on buttered pasta? I’ve only had it in restaurants.

A one-ounce truffle is four good servings. If it’s not insanely aromatic, save your money.

Shave it, small or large!

This fine-dining favorite is loved for its musky, earthy smell. And if you feel like one sniff is never enough, you’re not crazy—they contain androstenol, a pheromone secreted by male pigs (and humans, but at lower levels) to induce mating-like behavior in females. “Animal, musky scents seem to tap into something very primal and sexual for us as humans,” Rosofsky says, adding that their luxurious aura also contributes to their aphrodisiac qualities.