Freshly made tortillas

+1 for Kernel of Truth. Eating one of their corn tortillas is a cross between freshly popped corn or roasted corn on the cob. They’re so lovely, I eat them with just a pat of butter.

HFM, Cookbook Highland Park, Cookbook Echo Park, Sara’s Market Boyle Heights.

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I’ve been to Rueben in Santa Ana for their freshly made tortillas. A few local carnicerias carry these. So I guess not freshly made but always pick up a pack for quesadillas and pizzadillas.


“Como hechas en casa” is sure a good sign. Could you post a photo of the ingredients list?


Question: are Ruben’s fresh-made? If so, what’s the business about “distributed by” on the label?

The tortillas are being made fresh at their shop on McFadden. They also make other breads and pastries. Maybe they use an outside distributor to get their tortillas to smaller carnicerias?

Fiesta Wholesale has the same address as Ruben’s.

Ok, then it’s simply a matter of different business names, etc.Cool.

What about Corn? The flour ones I don’t care about. I’ll eat guerrero’s.

How dare you.

They sell Kernel of Truth corn tortillas at Alta Baja Market in 4th Street Market.


You havent had a good flour tortilla?

I guess not. I’ve never had an amazing burrito where I was like this flour tortilla is off the chain. The insides get all the focus. Corn tortilla is different. I’ve had bad corn tortillas ruin a good taco.

For years, every time I was driving I-80 between SF and Sacramento I’d make a stop in downtown Dixon to get Sonora-style (just meat and not a lot of it) chile verde burritos at Cueva’s made with fantastic flour tortillas. They were similar to the best roti I’ve had, slightly stretchy and chewy. Unfortunately they closed 10+ years ago.

a friend said this is the bomb, but this chick talks too much.

I strongly recommend rendering your own lard by braising a pork shoulder, or buying some freshly made from a Mexican butcher (those that make chicharron commonly have tubs of manteca as well). Commercial hydrogenated lard (the kind that looks like Crisco and does not need refrigeration) at best has no flavor and the texture isn’t quite right.

Here’s a recipe for a smaller batch: