Freshly made tortillas

Where can I buy tortillas freshly made? I’m in mid-city. You think pacos or los anaya would sell me some?

I am hopelessly enamored with handmade flour tortillas, and would love to find a source as well. On many occasions I’ve attempted to beg/bribe/beseech Pacos and Casablanca to sell me some of their heavenly specimens, but sadly neither of them will sell just the tortillas. The best they can usually manage is 2 tortillas per to-go entree instead of the usual single tortilla. I haven’t tried Los Anaya, so perhaps you may have better luck there.

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I’ve found the Tortilla Land fresh uncooked tortillas to be a reasonably good substitute. They’re a little thinner and not quite as rich, but they work quite well in a pinch.

This article and the accompanying recipe have inspired me to attempt making my own. Probably not any time soon, but hopefully in the not-too-distant future :slight_smile:


I probably should have done a bit more research before replying…it looks like Loqui sells flour tortillas!


Zamora bros evidently has hand made tortillas

They do! They’re very good tortillas, though not as glorious as say Sonoratown. They use vegetable shortening for the fat, not lard, if that matters to anyone.

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The tortillas at Burritos La Palma are fantastic and sold by the package.


Loqui’s tortillas are lovely, and they’re certainly infinitely better than any restaurant or supermarket tortilla! I don’t find them to be as meltingly tender as the ones at Paco’s or Casablanca, I wonder if the use of shortening vs lard may have something to do with that. They also don’t seem to have that satisfying “dusty” quality I love so much in a handmade flour tortilla…but now I’m just nitpicking :smile:

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The best flour tortillas I’ve had were made with lard, but I’ve had Indian roti made with ghee that were just as good.

If you’re looking for masa rather than flour:

WHERE TO BUY: Hollywood Farmers Market; Cookbook, Los Angeles; Sara’s Market in Boyle Heights

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Just google tortillerias. There are places down on Pico and Olympic going was closer to Wilshire than Anaya is

“Tortilleria” in the name doesn’t necessarily mean that the tortillas are fresh, made there, or made from fresh masa.

The Sonoran Flour Tortillas at the Northgate Market on Inglewood near Culver are pretty darn good.


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When I put 90019 into Vallarta Markets store locator this, Store Locations - Vallarta Supermarkets : Vallarta Supermarkets is what pops up. Vallarta’s tortillas are excellent. You can often buy when still warm from the grill. Great salsas too. Might be too far for you to go.

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