Fri Dinner, Pre-Bootleg Theater

We’re going to the Bootleg for some music on Friday night and would like to grab a bite in the area beforehand. Ideally, we’d like to walk from dinner to the venue but, given the options in the area, that may be a stretch.

Considering Crawford’s or The Hungry Pig, neither of which we know anything about.

Any suggestions?

It’s not walking distance, but I sure do love some deep dish pizza at Masa of Echo Park when I’m in the area. I just make sure to put in the order the minute I sit down as it takes some time to prepare.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking for something a little closer and perhaps something we haven’t tried before. My issue with Masa is that, aside from the deep dish pizza, pretty much everything else on the menu is meh. Do like they’re deep dish pizza very much, though.

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It’s not really within walking distance, but I’ve enjoyed The Park’s Finest BBQ. And you’re close-ish to Button Mash. Otherwise I might recommend a late lunch, then a drink at 1642 before and a run through the Tacos Leo at Temple and Glendale afterwards.

Also, the only other thing Masa does that’s worth eating is bread pudding - that shit is incredible.

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off topic but…

Are you going to see Big Business? If so, you may need a place to eat afterwards! LOL \m/

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Yup. I’m gonna guess they’ll go on pretty late, so will need some calories beforehand.

awesome. Seen them perform w/ The Melvins a few dozen times.
They put on a good show. Don’t forget earplugs!

If you’re okay with ornery ass itamaes, Shibucho is a 15 minute walk (3 minute drive) from the Bootleg.

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Funny re: earplugs. I’ve been seeing live music roughly once/week now for at least twenty years and have never once worn earplugs - this includes Melvins, Dinosaur Jr., countless, namesless noise rock bands, you get the picture. We were joking the other night, during the In the Red Records shows at The Echo, that it’s probably too late to start, although I live in fear of tinnitus more than hearing loss. Stupid? Hell yes!

Sadly, I have a very low tolerance for the sort of ornery meets haughty one often finds in these sorts of hole in the wall Japanese joints. That being said, we’ve been on the fence about visiting Shibucho for years now. Perhaps it’s time to pop the cherry.

Nishimura-san is in residence until Aug 1st, and I’ve found him to be very friendly.

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i repeat: shibucho was not ornery to me. and i’m a fucking jackass. for zoroaster’s sake, go.

i mention for the first time: i saw motorhead in a place the size of, oh, i don’t know, let’s say spielberg’s
living room. could you repeat what you said, again?

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You may say you’re a fucking jackass, but at least you are our fucking jackass - group hug.


I like The Hungry Pig. Cornbread and Hawaiian tacos are great.

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I found neither Shige -san nor Nishimura-san ornery.
Shibucho is great.

i really enjoyed my one meal there. i’m sad i’ve never been back.
so many restaurants, so little time, he said, carefully popping a gold plated
popcorn kernel into his rosebud…

We ended up at Crawford’s both before and after the show. Manufactured dive that doesn’t push the theme too far. Red pleather booths line one wall. Pool table in opposite corner. L-shaped bar. The requisite animal heads and vintage beer signs on the walls.

The neighborhood… let’s just say it ain’t a garden spot. Diagonally across Rampart from the original Tommy’s. I’m guessing certain folks may turn up their noses.

The good:
Very simple menu that consists of one main - fried chicken, hot or regular - and the usual sides like beans, slaw and potato salad. I had the hot chicken with slaw. One $10 order gets you a large breast and a wing or drumstick or thigh. Chicken was hard fried and only slightly spicy. Added heat via hot sauce on the table. Crispy “shell” exterior and very juicy inside, even the breast. Slaw was tasty if not mind blowing. A nice tangy counterpoint to the chicken, along with a pickle spear.

Beer - they don’t have hard booze - was ice cold. We kept in the spirit of the down-home, divey vibe with High Life in bottles. They’ve got the usual assortment of craft beers on tap plus bottles and cans.

Service - you order at the counter and get a number to bring back to your table or you can eat at the bar. Standard issue white hipster dudes working the bar were extremely friendly and seemed honestly interested in our experience at what is a relatively new joint.

The bad:
No hard booze as mentioned above.

Friends had the potato salad and pushed it away after a couple of bites. Said the potatoes were underdone and the dressing was overly sweet. We heard other tables complaining about the potato salad as well.

The “hot” chicken was not especially hot. I told one of the guys at the bar and he mentioned they’d had complaints from customers about the heat and decided to dial it back, hence the hot sauce on the tables.

We’ll return. A good spot for pre and post gaming before shows at the Bootleg.

Crawford’s Bar
2616 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057

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