Fridays in Lent

Wanted to try something new, and walking down Santa Monica near Edgemont I spotted a sign:

Rich Fish Tortas for All of Lent. Here’s the restaurant sign above it. I never even noticed the restaurant as I’ve driven by many times before:

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but my mind went to the Mexican torta I frequently get with al pastor or carnitas or whatever. Something like this, which is a “wet” torta I get in Paramount.

You know, a sandwich. Well, that’s not what you get here. You get a quarter pound of smoked fish, with the skin on, and it’s served hot, with broth so the skin is soft. It’s served on top of what must have been bread at some time, but by the time it gets served it resembles runny scrambled eggs. The fish had the texture of marlin, and was quite salty. And naturally, since it was smoked, it was quite firm.

It’s served with rice, a small salad and Salvadoran (thick) tortillas. After a few bites, I readjusted my expectation, and quite enjoyed the dish. It was filling and oddly satisfying. Not sure I’d order it again, but I’m glad I tried it.


For Ash Wednesday, I went a slightly different route: Marouch. A big sign on the door said they were getting a new liquor license. I asked the owner if he was selling, and he informed me that he’s transferring the liquor license to a relative. He’s getting older and the relatives are going to be taking over the place. Same recipes, same staff, just new owners… We’ll see.

In the meantime, I ordered the most delicious lunch I’ve had recently: Hommos with Fool Madamas.

This was heavenly. They serve it with pita, and the smooth, creamy hommos is a perfect counterfoil for the piping hot, lemony fava beans of the fool. For perspective, the bowl is about four inches across, and it’s piled high. So together with the pita bread, it made for a perfect lunch. Ahhh. I’ll be back for this.