Fried chicken recs in Santa Monica

a desperate friend just moved to Santa Monica from SG Valley and asked me where to get great fried chicken in Santa Monica preferably but west of the 405 is ok too…thoughts?

On Sundays only, Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart offers outstanding fried chicken (variations on the Ad Hoc recipe). $48 for an appetizer, four pieces of chicken, 2 sides and a dessert (all of which change weekly). If getting it to go, the individual components can be purchased a la carte (chicken alone is $16).

Also only on Sundays, Superba on Lincoln in Venice offers a very good fried chicken dinner for $21 for three pieces, a biscuit and a collard green slaw.

Per Eater, on Sunday August 28th, Maru on Wilshire, West of Bundy will be doing a 1/2 chicken fried in lard, with cole slaw, mashed potatoes w/red eye gravy, corn on the cob.
and ia Mexican coke or a Pabst Blue Ribbon. $20. I have not tried the chicken there so have no opinion,

I am not that keen on Willie Jane’s (Abbott Kinney) fried chicken but it is a regular menu item.

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The Brentwood is outstanding.

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thanks for the rec, Thor…thats in my part of town…i’ll check it out soon!

i’ll try and get to Superba, thanks

Plan Check.


Not at all afraid to say this: KFC.

Ah yes, forgot about Plan Check!

youre braver than I, J_L!!!

I like the fried chicken sandwich at Plan Check, but the appeal of the entree is limited for me by the fact the chicken is boneless.

Huckleberry has good American style fried chicken, and there’s lots of karaage in West LA.