Fried Rabbit?

Like chicken-fried rabbit. Saw a picture on hunter-angler-gardener-cook and now I have a-desire-that-must-be-sated.

Anybody do this? Ideally whole rabbit quarters. Simpler the better. I’m imaging this with biscuits and gravy as opposed to a szechuan preparation.

I haven’t had it myself, but I know Animal does a fried rabbit leg dish with Charleston Gold Rice and sour cream gravy.

Some have reported the gravy can be a bit overpowering though.

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I haven’t been to animal in a few years but I don’t remember feeling quite so raped by the prices on their menu. Paying $36 for a couple rabbit legs to support some asshat’s celebrity chef lifestyle is a real appetite killer.

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Rabbit is weirdly expensive to source for a restaurant. If they’re charging 50% more than they would for fried chicken they’re not necessarily making any more money per plate.

I always order it when I have the chance.

well if you want the fried chicken + biscuits and gravy approach, I see no better version than Animal’s.

I wonder if they the fried rabbit was off the menu when I was at Animal? I’d normally order them but there were more dishes than I could handle as a solo diner. The rabbit larb was better than the larbs I’ve had at Thai and Lao places.

They may get me to break down. I suppose it may merit a circle back. But I’m more likely to go to Bel Campo this weekend, grab a two-for-one burger (thanks FTC’ers!) and pick up a rabbit to fry up at home.

didn’t flores and sons.used to have chicken fried rabbit?

They did. Back when it was Ladies Gunboat Society, I believe.

I was thinking of Flores, too, but the on-line menu no longer shows the fried rabbit/chicken/etc.

I think Flores and Sons still has fried chicken as a happy hour special until 6:30pm.

That is too bad. I think it used to be more of a “special” entree but became so popular it has remained a new “classic”. You should grab an order of them when you come to town. I think I am the only person on these forums that loves them at Animal, probably my favorite dish there. I agree about the larb, too. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a great larb being done there. I also love rabbit though haha

Gravy overpowering? One can only hope! I am so tired of wimpyass gravy …

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Buy yourself a rabbit at Hawaii Supermarket, then head south on Del Mar, hang a left on Garvey, and ask Boiling Seafood Wok to fry it for you. Which they will do.

Rabbitage applies.

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That is my sole reaction to what you have written about getting a boiling seafood place to fry a rabbit spontaneously for you.

So coincidental, I just re-watched “Fatal Attraction” recently…