Friends and Family (East Hollywood)

Best blueberry ice cream I think I’ve had in the past 5 years, if not 6.

The chocolate ice cream is stupendous as well.

Fried chicken sandwich is a marvel of texture and flavors, owing no doubt to the housemade potato bun and apricot chutney.

I need to plan my mornings better, and call ahead for their baked pancakes.

But damn, that blueberry ice cream. Fuck, I would eat cyanide by the gallon if you promised me just a scoop of that stuff before I perished.

Friends and Family
5150 Hollywood Blvd.


Go between 2-4 and it’s $3 scoop :money_mouth_face:

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I just discovered during a recent visit that they make an outstanding everything bagel.

It’s so good, I bet it would go well even with Coconut Ice Cream Pie.

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My fave is the bread and the ice cream of choice served in a huckleberry pavlova. Yum! :heart:

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I’d just like us to continue to call this neighborhood Thai Town or Little Armenia whether it’s trying to modernize or not :slight_smile: