Frogtowns Gourmet Tacos (no, NOT Salazar)

So there’s this one-day a week pop-up taco shop in Frogtown that’s making nothing but tacos and quesadillas with hand-pressed tortillas, and filled with your choice of cow, shrimp, pig, chicken, or veggies. Homemade pico de gallo salsa, jack cheese and guacamole are gratis, as are the company and friendly spirit of the owner (Javier) and the friendliest most down-to-earth hungry taco eaters just chilling in a backyard under a canopy watching the WS (and Darvish choking on his own fastball).

Is it the best tacos? No, of course.

Is it a cool place to hangout if you’re in/around NELA? Yes.

Better place than, say, Salazar (across the 2 FWY)? Depends. I’m certainly happier after a meal here than I generally am after a visit to Salazar.

Plus, Javier serves his tacos on the coolest taco platters ever.

Frogtowns Gourmet Tacos

  • Open Wednesdays, sort of after work and before bedtimes (e.g. after about 5:30 till food runs out, generally 10 p.m.)

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Speaking of Salazar, their aguachile is insane. So freaking good.