From the LA Times October 14: The official fast-food burger power rankings

The official fast-food burger power rankings

FWIW - I like Fatburger and In and Out just fine.

I don’t eat a lot of other fast food burger. I probably like Del Taco better than the person who wrote this list.

One note: We tried the Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack because the Dodger have that deal where you get a free JJ if the Dodgers strike out 10 guys. You pay for a drink and get a free JJ. It’s not worth it, IMO. My wife didn’t think so either.


Lol quarter pounder coming in at 4 with Bk last seems really odd.

Granted I haven’t had a whopper in a couple of years but pre pandemic I would always go whopper over pretty much all mcds burgers except for maybe Big Mac.

The list seems pretty out of whack but I guess it’s just one man’s opninion.


Let’s be honest most fast food is trash I’d rather have the Jumbo Jack than the Famous star at Carl’s neither is what I would order though. Carl’s really got expensive somewhere along the line, they used to be one of my favorite fast food places with the Southwestern Chicken but the quality went down (as did the size of the chicken) and prices went up. McD’s isn’t worth going to after 1030am, cold soggy fries and burgers with lots of bun and little meat, no thank you. Not really sure I’d call Fat Burger ‘fast food’ it’s not really fast. No Original Tommy’s? -maybe not a big enough chain but still tastes great at 145am lol

The real mistake in the article was that It doesn’t appear he was ‘Drunk, Stoned or Hungry’ for the tasting. Context matters.


Paging @Gr8pimpin for the definitive ftc fast food rankings!


I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Lol. Maybe someday. I haven’t had several of the places in the writers list.

But my 2¢:

To me Carl’s Jr. cannot be number two because of the price. As @aaqjr says, they got insanely expensive. The Big Carl, on special now for $2.99 (I think they’ve shrunk over the past two weeks) sells for $8.99.

And I think Fatburger is tasteless (not fast) as is the Habit (not fast). Great ingredients, but tasteless. Do they even season the meat?

Personally, I’m all in on In-n-out. And on the 2 for $5 (in the app) BK deal. If you get X Lettuce, X tomato, X onion and X pickle, on your whoppers… damn hard to beat. The writer of the article complains about their veggies, the two locations I go to have been fresh and crunchy every time. But the extra toppings I get may help too.

And, Like @moonboy403 i love McDs!


Sorry, I forgot they got rid of the whopper in the 2 for $5 and replaced it with the quarter pound king. Which is actually better because it comes with a slice of cheese. So what you do is you get the quarter pound king with

X lettuce
X pickles
X onions
X tomato
No mustard
Add regular mayo

Now you have 2 Whoppers w Cheese for like $5.50


Wait, what are you having there b/f 10:30AM? The parfait?

I think breakfast.


I’ve never been a eat-out-for-breakfast person, so I barely remember what McD’s serves from breakfast, except for hashbrowns and the parfait!

Do they still have the McGriddle? I had one like 20 yrs ago and thinking it was quite lovely, actually…


lol, I like the hash browns, always hot and crispy, usually with the egg, sausage and cheese ‘burrito’ but the sausage McMuffin isn’t bad either. I try not to eat fast food too often but breakfast at McD’s is an occasional guilty pleasure.


Fast food burger chains have differing quality depending on the location in my experience.

My personal favorites based on QPR:

  1. The Habit - charburger…always nice to have that charcoal smokiness on both the toasted buns and grilled patty.
  2. In & Out - hamburger…no need for an explanation
  3. McD - hamburger…love the ketchup/mustard combination with pops of chopped onion

As far as Shack Shack goes, I hate it. I’ve been to at least 5 to 6 locations across 3 states and their original burger always come with buns that are wet and soggy since they never toast their buns and and all the meat juice disintegrates the integrity of the bun.


I really want to like Shake Shack but there is a kind of sameness to the texture of their burgers, everything is soft.


Thus the shake shack chicken sandwich. Aka the best widely available chicken sandwich.


You’re missing out breakfast is the best thing that mcds has going for it. Shame that they got rid of all day breakfast.

Agreed their chicken sandwich is top notch


Ah, yes! I remember those! And I did enjoy them, back in the day. Although I think I ended up gravitating toward JITB when I wanted a breakfast burrito b/c I liked the more steak-y pieces (IIRC).

Was NEVER a McMuffin fan! That was the go-to for everyone else in my family, but, even as a kid, I was like, “These biscuits are dry as f*ck.” :wink:

Fried chicken or grilled chicken (if they even make the latter). I had the former, and it was not good.

I actually like the McMuffins over the Biscuit sandwiches because of that. However, when the sausage biscuits used to be $1.00, I would get them way too often…


Oh, wait! I didn’t realize there was a sausage biscuit sandwich and a McMuffin. Good grief, my McD’s breakfast knowledge is very poor. It’s been a couple of decades since I’ve had anything other than parfait from McD’s for breakfast.

Is the “bread” for the McMuffin an English muffin? I never liked English muffins all that much, either, so maybe I didn’t like either of them??? Maybe I’ll need to try them both one day to compare. :wink:


Yep :slight_smile:

The McMuffin (ham) or sausage McMuffin are delish!

Only fast food breakfast I am aware of that uses a fresh made egg and not scrambled eggs. Ask them to make one for you fresh it tastes better.


the commercial nature of the McMuffin makes it more satisfying - any attempts to make an “artisan” McMuffin is doomed to failure.