Frozen Crawfish tails?

As the title implies, looking for the aforementioned. Bristol Farms used to carry them, as did 99 Ranch a few others, but cant seem to find them as of late. SM Seafood did/does but seems to be hit or miss.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.


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get 'em shipped fro the Bayou

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They always seem to be available at Pavilions in Sherman Oaks.

Well I’ll check my local Pavilions and see what they have to say.

Thanks for the input, but wouldn’t it be cost prohibitive to have them
shipped (frozen) when they are usually readily available locally. For Live
& Live Softshells, I alway order from Louisanan purveys.

Thanks for the input either way.

sure thing
It would be interesting to see how much cheaper they are at Pavilions vs having shipped from La.

Walmart in Hawthorne (just down the road) says they have them in stock at
Might have to do a recon in the next couple of days. Anyone wan in, if

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