Fruit Pie - whole not by the slice from Boyle Heights to Ojai?

I’ve been tasked with purchasing a fruit pie. I’ll need it in Ojai tomorrow for a lunch - and I’m driving from the Boyle Heights area.

My first thought was to call Pie N Burger today, pick one up tonight, and take it with me. Any other ideas? The Fat N Flour offerings sound wonderful but a little expensive.

Don’t rule out the great whole pies from Apple Pan.


Depends on what time you leave but there are a scant number of selections left at Fat N Flour which opens up at 10am. No apple pie but caramel pumpkin, some hand pies and key lime still on the list.


Valerie Confections made an amazing peach pie earlier in the summer. I was a huge fan of the crust…you could fill it with almost anything and it would be good.

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Occasionally local bakers will sell their wares at farmers markets also. Might require a bit of homework/research on your part beforehand, though…

I went this past Saturday and they were sold out at 2PM. Had to settle for Buko pie at Sari Sari.

Thanks to all. I went with the rhubarb from Pie N Burger. Called in my order on Thursday afternoon, picked it up around 7PM (they close at 9). $25 cash only. All of us enjoyed it, and one of us had seconds.

PS Ojai is really lovely right now.