Frying pan for shallow frying

Looking for a frying pan to shallow fry foods in. Our housekeeper keeps on wanting to use the non-stick pan to fry which I think is a really bad idea.

I’ve bought aluminum pans and hexagon shaped pans but she complains that they constantly stick. We have a wok but she doesn’t want to use that either.

Any thoughts or ideas on a pan that could work?

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Buy her a cheap non-stick pan and replace it when necessary. I shallow fry “frites” all of the time in a dedicated non-stick pan.

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I don’t have expensive non-stick cookware and it lasts forever. Certainly over ten years, maybe 15. 'Course I 100% only use wood or plastic utensils.

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Misen is having a Kickstarter for their pre-seasoned carbon steel pans, Misen Preseasoned Carbon Steel Pan by Misen — Kickstarter. I usually back their Kickstarters, but I already have their original models which are well-seasoned after several years of use. Seasoned carbon steel is like seasoned cast iron, virtually non-stick, but it weighs a lot less. Here is a website comparing the two types, Carbon Steel vs. Non-Stick Cookware (10 Key Differences) - Prudent Reviews. I use my carbon steel for shallow frying and it works quite well.


With non-stick there’s no concerns with the immersive oil heat pealing off layers of the non-stick? I’m a pretty big noob but just worried about possible health effects related to non-stick coatings.

There have been convos about this at times. Evidently the kind of health issues are at way, way, way higher temps than you can get with your cooktop.

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I use a black carbon steel French steel pan for that sort of thing personally. But maybe a scanpan would work best for you. I have one and really like it - saw josiah citrin cooking a steak on one at home during a pandemic demo heavy duty non stick. I don’t baby it and it’s held up.

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How about hard-anodized nonstick? This OXO gets stellar ratings.


Yeah, those OXO pans are the only non-sticks I own and I love them. I have a 10 inch and a 12 inch and I use them for eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, French toast, searing mushrooms, tempering spices, etc.

For shallow frying, I like to use my All-Clad stainless steel frying pan and haven’t really had any issues with sticking.

This one:


I do all my frying in a wok. It heats up fast and the shape prevents oil from flying everywhere.

Oops totally missed that in the OP @hungryhungryhippos

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She doesn’t want to fry in a wok

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I had the advice many years ago that if you’re concerned about oil splattering then cook in a deep pan. Works great.

Only problem with frying in a dutch oven is that the sides can interfere with sliding the turner under the food.

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When I fry I use two forks for turning. Seems to work fine.

There needs to be a conversation about non-stick. Why you use it. Because you want to cook without added fat? Because you want to cook with fat but have easiest cleanup? The two are not interchangeable nor are the pans considered.

I do not believe in putting a non-stick coating on a “last forever” eg All-Clad pan. The coating will not, regardless of careful treatment, last as long as the pan.

I found this gem in a goodwill dumpster. It has a stamp on the bottom. Chicken pan # 8 . Lid included. I am a fan of cast iron . I don’t use a spatula to flip . I use tongs or 12 inch tweezers.


Tongs or two forks work fine if what you’re frying hasn’t stuck.

Partner sent me this today (I assume as coincidence, actually). There is a link to their conclusion about non-stick coatings:

Ross, Marshall’s, et al., have a lot of non-stick pans at a good price. I’ve also found All-Clad (!!!) non-stick there, too (Marshalls, not Ross). The All-Clad stuff was pricey in comparison, but still much cheaper than at a “regular” retail place. We love the All-Clad, but it’s heavy as f*ck.

We’ve been very happy w/ our BK carbon steel (less so w/ our Ballarini). I must admit that I find the Misen recommended by @ebethsdad to be quite tempting…

I think that would be a good discussion (maybe as a separate thread?). Depending on what’s been cooked, I actually do not necessarily find non-stick that much easier to clean that cast-iron/carbon steel.


The misen is super heavy ladies hate cooking with it.

As I’ve said I use nonstick but even if CI two forks work fine.

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