FTC/CH favorites that hit or failed to hit the mark

Are there any restaurants that print their menus with those fonts?

I don’t know it this is an FTC fav but I was a bit underwhelmed by Crack Shack. There is nothing wrong with it per se, but I found it average tasting and more quantity over quality. The biscuits were good and the Coop Deville was mediocre. Out it the sun, the miso butter separated and made it quite unappealing. The chicken was good quality but the flavor was just lacking.

Did I order wrong? What are the best items here?

The soft serve ice cream.

Well damn, I should have done a search before but it was sort of a last minute trip. That plane crash and traffic on the 5 fwy really threw off our plans.

Imagine how the driver felt.

Only been to crack shack once but thought the fried chicken was pretty good, nice crunchy outer layer and fairly juicy inner with decent taste and without being super greasy. The sandwich I had was just okay. Not a lot of quality fried chicken places that I’ve found on marginal searching in sd so thought crack shack was a good addition.

You have any OC/LA favorites, preferably OC?

OC is not great for fried chicken. But the newish place in Fullerton called Grits has some good fried chicken. Price point is a bit inconsistent with Crack Shack though. I think PFC (Playground Fried Chicken) is good but hit or miss depending on how long the chicken sits. My current favorite is Howlin Ray’s Memphis hot chicken but they are transitioning from food truck to brick n mortar. Two of my favorite fried chicken places have closed within the past year, Flossie’s and Harry’s Aloha. Also, Farmshop has Sunday fried chicken but the pricing it’s not in the same league as Crack Shack.

I’ll have to give the fried chicken a go at Crack Shack. Or perhaps the lollipops and chicken oysters. I was just not very impressed with that Coop Deville sandwich.

The crack shack sandwich (forgot which one) was my least favorite item. And ipse seems to really like the soft serve although I thought the smokey vanilla flavor I got was interesting but not my thing.

I’ve had Farmshop, which was good and Woody Allen was seated across from us. A-Frame was also pretty good although I actually liked the roast chicken even better. Always liked Ludo’s fried chicken although haven’t had it for a few years. Would like to try Howlin Ray’s. Thanks for the suggestions.

Urban Solace. I know folks here love it, but my last two visits were straight up offensive.

Not this folk.

While I have yet to be offended by Urban Solace, I did find my previous visits there to be rather non-eventful, if I’m being diplomatic about it; and if I’m not, then they were just regrettable.

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Wow, I find it hard from any mid-range place to execute everything so extremely bad that I would consider it an offensive experience. Maybe you are overly sensitive about buttery biscuits? :yum:

Well, when meals for a special night out, run over $150 for “hey ya doin’ guys” style service, then, yeah, I’m offended.

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