FTC/CH favorites that hit or failed to hit the mark

Yes, this is kind of stupid as all of our tastes are subjective and what’s gross to some is great for others…blah blah blah…but work is slow and I’m here for a long while yet so…

For me,

Super Cocina: Before moving to SD and since I’ve been here this place has made it onto just about every “I’m coming to SD please tell me where to go” thread I’ve seen. I went and the tortillas were awful and the stews (guisados) were bland and, well, just okay (yes I tried them all on that day). All in all, I guess I didn’t get it.

Saab E Lee: Heard about it first from you good folks on CH, and have been going back ever since. Great place.


Dumpling Inn

Cafe Chloe


Yep, the glaring failure of Super Cocina is the tortillas. The guisados, however, are usually quite good.

El Pescador food truck was just awful. Much prefer the German trucks.

Cafe Chloe and Croce’s are fails or places you liked?

All of them are fails.

Croce’s was a CH/FTC favorite ? Ipse stop smoking weed during dinner

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I don’t smoke. Not weed anyway. Only Gurkhas, and then only Black Dragon Tubos.

But back to Croce’s, it certainly is a favorite, even if not for food, then for its historical and culinary significance.

Who in SD Chowhound has championed it, much less FTC? Even back in the Usenet group days, I don’t recall Croce’s getting much love.

Did you even read the posts I linked to?

Probably not. My fault, I guess.

You are seriously citing FN to back up your argument ? - that’s like bringing up Trump as an argument for civilized discussions - hopeless

Is it really necessary to attack other posters?

If you want to disagree with me just do it, but why besmirch others in the process?

I did, but I saw little that indicated it was a “CH Favorite”, and even the few people that did cite it qualified it.


How’d I get under this bus?

And how’d I get to be the pillar of uncivilized?

I certainly recognized Croce’s for the role it played in that neighborhood. But look deeper in the post- you’ll find nothing else.

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I was just joking


Maybe you could start using a special font or perhaps a special color so that we know when you’re joking.

Now that is joking.


Maybe you could do the same for when you’re “not joking”. :wink:

I do!

Anytime you see Comic Sans you know I’m taking myself seriously. You may look at all my posts and determine when that’s been happening.

I’m pretty sure I have a browser add on to block anything written in comic sans or papyrus.

If I don’t I really should. Everyone should.

FN was just joking.

I wasn’t.

There really should be a blocker for comic sans and papyrus.

They’re terrible Fonts.

That was a joke.