FTC Confessions

The confessional is open, all confessions will be forgiven.

I’ll start.

I once did a 6xbang at eggslut, belcampo, wexler’s, guisados, mcconnell’s and spago.

I like McDonald’s filet-o-fish

I don’t like beans in my chili

I once bought supermarket sushi.

Given the choice between salad or fries i always choose fries.

Forgive me FTC.


Three Hail Mary’s and four Our father’s and all your sins will be forgiven .
I do like Big Macs
Bought supermarket sushi more than once .
Yes , Fries rather than salad .


At Bacchnal Buffet at Caesars Palace Vegas. I made a very simple and calculated approach:

Only eat those sweet-briney crab legs and drink mimosas. It was heaven, I think I made close to 10 trips for crab. I also purposely starved myself before the buffet.

Then after being impregnanted with Crab Food Baby, I regret everything. Then I destroyed the toilet in the restroom next to the buffet and passed out in the room.


I like all that fobby food, and Chinese grandma food BUT once or twice a year I’ll hit up Panda. I love Orange Chicken!

Also went to the Panda Innovations and got Orange Chicken Burrito


More confessions:

Carls Western Bacon Cheeseburgers. Havent eaten these in years but in high school these were my go to.

SIZZLER CHEESE TOAST!!! I fukin love these. Can you imagine making a grilled cheese with these babies? Oh lawd!

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I love me some Filet O Fish!

I eat supermarket sushi from Mitsuwa and Tokyo Central. Or do you mean American markets? I also had sushi from Walgreens on Sunset X Vine before a movie at the Dome

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Yes, wegmans #authentic

and we’re actually ashamed of this?! Why?

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I used to order the “39-piece party platter” at my local sushi place and eat it myself.


i’m still going to FOFA (filet o fish anonymous) meetings.

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I think Del Taco makes a great bean & cheese burrito.

I’ve never been to SGV.

I like making a reservation months in advance.

Some days, my cat’s food costs more per meal than my own.

I don’t think I’ve ever had “great” or maybe even what some would consider “good” sushi.


I’ve gone beyond the Filet O’Fish, to the “10:30”


substitute dog for cat and this could almost be me.

Jack in the Box curly fries. Del Taco Fish Taco

Ketchup on cottage cheese and sweet pickle relish in my tuna sandwich

and I have gone to SGV - once - in 1984 with friends who were true pioneers in seeking out obscure restaurants - some place in Monterey Park at the very nascent stages of the restaurant explosion there… where the oysters were enormous, gloppy, and imho a bit rank. I professed to loving oysters - not these- I stomached one and knew it was lurking in the depths of my gut for days.


Having three kids to feed late on a school night is my perfect excuse to get Del Taco. Epic Chicken Bacon Ranch burrito with 13 inferno packets, please.

Another favorite with the kids is Chinese takeout.

I also do enjoy many fast foot throwbacks from my youth (Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Sourdough Jack just to name a few).

My biggest sin, and I might lose what little credibility I had with this one, is that I like mayonaise on pastrami. I would NEVER have it on Langer’s, though I do admit to liking the #19. Yardhouse used to have a pastrami sandwich with mayo and jalapenos that I really enjoyed.

Flame on…


I think you’re about to BFLd (banned for life) from FTC.

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I did clarify that I won’t put it on really good pastrami, but you’re probably right. It’s been nice knowing all of you.


I have no shame on my FoF addiction with extra tartar and small fry squished together…


‘i’m still going to FOFA (filet o fish anonymous) meetings’

Jack in the Box Tacos
Filet of Fish with extra tartar sauce and small fry squished inside
Peanut Blaster from DQ
Turkey and Provolone #7 Mikes Way from Jersey’s Mike with extra mayo, no tomt’s and they let me use the expired coupon with the free drink and chips…:tongue:

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Inferno is definitely the hot sauce to champion of Del. I used to be a Scorcho boy, but when I tried Inferno on a whim, I realized that I’d been living a hot sauce life unfulfilled.