FTC Meetup - DeSano Pizza 2/27

Hey Folks,

Just trying to get a handle on who’s up for meeting at DeSano this Saturday. Times suggested so far are 2PM and 6PM.

Please check in here if you can make it and which time you’d prefer.

4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Checking in.

I think 6 makes more sense but I’ll happily do 2pm if that’s a deal breaker for others.


I need additional text, etc, etc, etc.

There was talk pre-holidays about a meet up at DeSano’s (it’s on Beverley, no?)
A larger group would let us respectually sample a veiw varieties, and I admit it’d like to put some names to faces.

I’d propose a midweek dinner but I know that doesn’t work for many.

Anyone got a suggestion?

It’s either this or we force @TonyC to take to the new Mian noondle hose and order for us all.

no liquor license, no way. see Orig thread. :smirk:

Midweek is very difficult for me (based in Encino and West LA), but I’d love to be kept in the loop (for either a DeSano’s or Mian!). Please count me.

And thanks for organizing!

FYI if we want to run the table and get 1 of each of the 11 pies it’s $227. Evidently a large is 8 slices.

so only 8 person can come and each person needs to eat 11 pieces of pizza? fuuuuuk man you guys are crazy.

Considering I could eat MAYBE 4 slices of a neopolitan style pie at my most famished, I don’t think that’s exactly the plan.

My idea was everyone should meet there, order whatever kind of pie THEY want, and then we all just trade off as we wish.

date suggestions?

I’m down to meet up at Desano’s if the date works. Plus you can air all your Eater LA grievances in person.


Can we have a “Mean Tweets” Eater edition?

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What do you mean.

Imagine this, except with you reading mean eater tweets.


oh HAHA like reading the mean comments. Yeah I’m DOWN with that

Would prefer a Wed or Thurs.

I was the guy who proposed this and yeah, I’d be up for it.

They have beer/wine, so no need to whine (ugh, sorry about the weak- ass pun).

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This Thursday (or this weekend) would be OK by me.

Next weekend is valentines weekend so I imagine that’s out.

I can’t do this weekend and next weekend is the super bowl/valentines.

What about the weekend after 1/21-22?

I’d much prefer Eater LA do a full blown coverage piece of a bunch of Chowhound refugees doing their best Kobayashi impersonation.