FTC members you have met…

Fake Name or also known as Fakey on the SD Board is a riot and
Eatemup, Just met ……what a fantastic guy!

Love everyone here and loved to know whom you’ve met on this board, or from the :skull: board!


I read your unedited version (listing those u want to meet) as well. It’s a really good topic. But I think people are a little shy about it. Maybe because of the comfort zone of being part of a community, but still maintaining anonymity. Or maybe they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings if they’re not mentioned :slight_smile:. Those would be my reasons.

I will say this - There are a few I’m really curious about. But,@Chowseeker1999 is a treasure, the touchstone and true backbone of this blog.

…Not to leave out @ipsedixit or anyone running the show. I meant in L.A. and food-wise. See what I mean… I didn’t want offend anyone by leaving them out.