FTC's own @JLee doing a Hainan chix rice pop-up tonight, Chinatown

630pm-ish, Far East Plaza. Pic fro @JLee’s IG:

I’m assuming this will be upstairs again? In the “courtyard”? There may or may not be s’mores, BYOB, firepit, etc. Runs til about 10pm, per the official Chinatown BID info page.

There’s also some desserty thing, but, unlike some people, I’m just in for the schmaltz because I get schmaltz.


that’s some legit IG porn right there.


Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!


A delicious, delicious bowl to start my weekend right.

Thank you, Chef @JLee!


you had to take ALL the scallion ginger sauce, didn’t you.

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@JLee: will you be doing this again? (I couldn’t make it out last night but would love to go to one!)

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Yeah, I couldn’t make it even thoguh I was in the general area, sort of. When is the next one?

Thanks for giving it a try! I didnt know THE JL was gonna show uo, should have introduced yourself. I always ike meeting fellow ex-hounders.

I should be doing it again next month it will be the first thursday again and I should be better prepared next time.


Looks great JLee. Will try to make it out next month.

What region is this chicken rice inspired by i.e Vietnam, Singapore…?

someone asked if you only decided to cook 3 chix after selling out before 8pm… :persevere: :cry: :scream:

That’s like 15-18 servings!!??

Its a mix of Singaporean and Chinese inspired and I only prepared 40 servings since I didnt want to,have leftovers.

Looking forward to your next run!

Good to know!

I would have liked to check it out yesterday, but I wasn’t aware until it was too late.

Now that I know for next month, I’ll keep an eye out.

@JLee, when is your next chix rice popup?


This Thursday 6:30-10pm or soldout. Any FTCers are welcome to introduce themselves.

Always interested in meeting felling ex-Hounders lol.


Will stop by tomorrow. Any other vendors besides the Flip Posse (unit 120)? Howlin’ Ray’s?

Hurray! Thanks @Sgee! Everytime I remember it, the date had just past. We will be there tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Argh! Work event. Please let us know when the next one is.

NP @Dommy I was running into the same issue myself.