Fun, Excellent Italian for Sweet 15?

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My 15 year old foodie daughter wanted to have her birthday dinner at Mozza Pizzeria, but any party of more than 8 (there may be about 12 of us) requires a private room and a minimum outlay of $2500. So back to the drawing board. She then suggested Sotto, which we love, but considered a bit too dark and serious for a gaggle of girls, not all of whom are wowed by chestnut soup, lamb meatballs and charred broccolini.

Suggestions? We were looking at a new place called Aventine. Has anyone been? A fun, “hip” atmosphere is definitely desired, and I’m just happy she isn’t insisting on Katsu-ya.

If they wanted Pizzeria Mozza, take a look at Mother Dough in Los Feliz.

Similar hand done, brick oven, neopolitan style fancy pies. Excellent food. Fairly casual atmosphere.


Then hit up either Pazzo Gelato or Scoops for dessert afterwards.

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Might be difficult to fit a group of 12 at Mother Dough. Probably hog up the enter side of the wall.

Did you consider the private room at Gjelina? The cuisine is similar to Pizzeria Mozza (I would say better overall), and it’s probably a hipper place to boot.

In my limited experience, shitty service, crowded and hard to get in.

I have no experience with the private room, and what you say doesn’t surprise me.

Tanas ???

And that’s no fucking joke.

Pope Table @ Buca De Beppo

But still pretty funny… Where would you put 15 girls at Tana’s? I dont see the staff having the patience to serve this group or the other patrons appreciating it or the cost justifying it. But other than that its perfect.

and that aint no fucking joke!

There is also a place in the Grove

Taking my son and his friends out for Thanksgiving dinner in Cleveland Ohio and since almost nothing is open we’re all going to Buca De Beppo and they couldn’t be more excited!

If you’d like it to be more pizza focused, consider Pizza Romana on La Brea (the former CUBE space). Excellent Roman style pies with top notch ingredients and very reasonably priced for the quality. They have a private room that holds about 20 that is free to reserve. The salads and fried chicken are excellent as well (and for the adults they have a very good, affordable Italian wine list—no bottle over $40). Gellato for desert.

That’s gotta be a joke. I can’t imagine the regular Tana’s crowd pleased with a gaggle of fifteen year old girls or a gaggle of fifteen year old girls pleased with the regular Tana’s crowd.

Good call. Plenty of room. Solid pizza. Only downside is shitty neighborhood.

No doubt. Plus you could never sit a group that size in a configuration that would work there. And that ain’t…,

I was just at Tana’s. They did not think this was a good idea.

and that aint no fucking joke.


Ok. Please disregard in this case.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Indeed, they suggested coming at lunch when they are closed!

and that aint no fucking joke.