Fundamental is fundamentally reborn with Chef Nick Erven in the house

Wow, such a great meal last night.
Chef Nick from defunct St. Martha has landed just outside of Westwood village and is cooking up a storm at fundamental.
Not quite as experimental as the food in K*town was, but beautiful, and creative food whose ingredients just “work” in harmony. For example Parker Rolls came dusted with salt and Old Bay with shrimp butter - unique, simple and amazing. Black Garlic panisse would not have surprised me if I was told it came directly from a Michelin 3 star kitchen. I could go on. But you should just go.


Awesome…I live right nearby and can’t wait to try his cooking!

PS: Just got an email about their Easter Brunch. Menu looks ridiculously good!

Thanks for the info and quick bites. I never made it out to St. Martha’s, so I’m glad he’s landed elsewhere, even if the food is different.

Was there a long wait?

You ARE paranoid :slight_smile:
No wait. But fairly crowded for a Tuesday night.

And… Nick Erven’s gone. Before I even had a chance to try his food. Bummer.

Wonder what’s going on at Fundamental.

His brief residency at Fundamental was great. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to try it.

You and me both. The menu looks great. My friend and I were planning to go there for dinner a week or two back, but we realized belatedly they aren’t open on Sundays.

Intriguing. New chef is Jeffrey Yuguchi, who was previously executive sous chef at Animal.

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