Fusion Burger Highland Park

Why doesn’t this place get more chatter? Having passed it approximately 1 million times, I finally stopped in to Fusion Burger last week. Yes, it’s similar to Umami, but I think it’s better. (Caveat: I’m a bit of a burger purist, and ordered the classic burger). I ordered the classic (I think) - Burger had a nice beefy flavor, the balance of condiments was just right, and the gloppiness/integrity ratio was also good. Plus the onion rings were fantastic - shatteringly crisp, well-seasoned. I’m going back, and I might even move off my burger high horse and get one of the non-purist burgers, like Lard of the Rings or Sir Porks a Lot.


Is this located anywhere near the fucking hipster donut shoppe ???

Thanks man.

It’s a little ways from the hipster donuts, probably a mile-ish East on York.

And @Savour, thanks for the report! I have also driven by a million times but never stopped. Now I’ll make a point of it.

If I recall correctly, the owners used to work @ Umami (when Umami just opened and before the downhill slide…)

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interesting, which means it might just be pretty fucking good. i sorta, sorta, liked umami when it just opened on la brea near wilshire (or rather a few blocks south), but once it caught it went seriously fucking downhill.

Because, although tasty, they don’t taste like burgers.

Reminds me of places like Quiznos or Subway. Yes, some of their sandwiches taste ok, but they taste nothing like their namesake sandwiches.

Sometimes when I go to a burger joint, I want something that tastes like a burger.

Weird, I know. Personal failing, no doubt.

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yup, Umami was a good (not great) burger when they opened and even when they expanded to Los Feliz (and thankfully had beer)—but with all the massive expansion it totally went downhill.

The last time I went (maybe 2yrs ago @ this point—it was the Studio City location) my burger was horrible (seemed to be machine formed and compacted) and my onion rings raw (cold and soaking in oil). The beer was good. I haven’t had any desire to return after that…

i really gave up on them after the la brea joint was no longer the fucking OG joint.

i went once with friends to the los felix location which fucking sucked.

oh, well.

to me the GCM burger is the fucking burger, when it’s on, of course, since it’s dreadfully inconsistent.

I found fusion burger to relies more on the stuff they pile on the burgers than the core values of meat, bread and perhaps cheese. Everything I’ve had there has been over sauced and loaded with too many toppings. Plus, the location is utterly charmless.

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Jemange, (finally got you’re name right, its difficult for dyslexic fuck like me), anyhow, where would you hit up for a pretty decent burger these days ???

thanks many, or even in that area, doe\s the york bar do a decent cheeseburger ???

thanks man.

I’ve had a bad run of luck with burgers lately. Was gonna put this in a seperate thread but this is as good a place as any.

Was late to the game trying Plan Check and went with friends prior to a show at the Teragram Ballroom last Friday. They had already been twice and swore to never go back but decided to indulge me since I’d never been. Anyway, the orders were completely botched and my burger was delivered well done instead of medium rare. They also forgot to put any toppings on it. A friend ordered fried chicken with the sauce on the side, but it came slathered in sauce. She said she had the exact same problem last time. We called the bartender over - were eating at the bar - and as we were complaining, a random patron next to us started laughing and said that he’s a regular and this happens all the time with them. They ended up taking one of the burgers off the bill but that wouldn’t be enough to bring me back. My burger was dry and flavorless and the bun was way too big and mealy for the meat.

Hit up Hache Burger last night - it’s right down the hill from me. Placed a to-go order and ended up waiting over 40 minutes for my food!!! Even after the long wait, the fries were undercooked, which is a bummer since their fries are among my favorites. The burgers at Hache are decent but the beef tastes underseasoned or under flavored or something.

In the neighborhood, I prefer The Fix.

is the fix where the old comfort cafe was located on hyperion near the bodybuilder’s gym ???

have you tried the GCM burger yet ???

i think you or someone else months or months ago mentioned a joint called Jay’s Bar ???

a good burger to be had ???

thanks man.

I haven’t tried the burger @ Jay’s bar, but It’s a pub in a minimall on sunset/fountain. It’s a good place to catch a glass of wine or beer.

no full bar, right ???


they have a full bar and actually their selection is pretty good. I usually drink wine or beer, so I haven’t tried any of their drinks. the menu is a selection of pub type food. they also have poutine since the owner is canadian (and they play hockey games on the tv for those interested)

Jay’s bar has a full bar - great selection of brown booze, although they insist on serving my rye/soda with a lime wedge, which pisses me off.

As for the food there - I’d stay away from everything save for the poutine, which is decent. The burger is meh, it’s tiny - reminds me a high school cafeteria burger - cooked through and puck-like.

Yeah, the fix is the place on hyperion next to the gym.

I LOVE the double fast burger at Belcampo in GCM. One of my current favorites.

that was the only thing I tried there and it hit the spot.

I get it. As I said, I’m a bit of a burger purist - I don’t even like Father’s Office (too sweet!) which I know is heresy in these parts. But the Classic Burger (1000 Island, bibb lettuce, a sort of roasted tomato, onions, pickles and cheddar) did satisfy my burger yen. I cannot vouch for anything containing truffle cheese or pinot noir sauce or aillade.

I used to get a great burger at the old Crocodile Cafe on Lake - they have a wood fire grill which gave the meat a great flavor. When the restaurant became Seco, I think they took the classic burger off the menu, though I’ve heard you can still request it.

Haven’t tried the GCM burger - DTLA is outside my usual stomping ground. Is it Belcampo?

Wondering if you have tried Pie N Burger?

To me, it’s a classic “Classic Burger”.