FYI: Chef Massimo Bottura x Chef Michael Cimarusti Collaboration Dinner @ Providence


I saw the blurb on Eater about an upcoming collaboration dinner between Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy) (Michelin 3 Star and Ranked #1 on the World’s Best 50 List) and Chef Michael Cimarusti (Providence), being held at Providence.

I still dream about his dessert at In Situ (thanks @PorkyBelly for the tip), and can only imagine what a specially prepared dinner would be like.

I called up Providence, apparently it’s:

  • May 4, 2017 @ Providence
  • $500 per person :open_mouth:
  • Waiting List Only at this point.

It’s too rich for my blood, but if any of our FTC ballers are going, please report back! I need to live vicariously through your pics. :slight_smile:

From Providence:

Chef-Owner Michael Cimarusti of Providence, welcomes Chef Massimo Bottura of three Michelin-starred and “World’s 50 Best” restaurant Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy) for a very special and highly intimate nine-course dinner celebrating the first-ever collaboration between these two luminary chefs. This special dining experience at Providence will allow Angelenos the opportunity to savor Chef Bottura’s culinary brilliance stateside alongside one of Los Angeles’ most revered chefs.

With a total of five Michelin stars between them, the powerhouse chefs will showcase a selection of their most iconic and celebrated dishes exemplary of their respective cooking styles, highlighting Bottura’s subversive contemporary Italian plates, alongside Cimarusti’s intricate, sustainably-focused seafood specialties, with expert wine and champagne pairings chosen specifically for the evening. Seating is very limited for this event. Please call (323) 460-4170 for reservations.


$500pp and sold out, daaaaaaaaaamn


Someone warn porthos - beware of “gourmand.”

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that’s a pretty serious mark up considering that the 9 course tasting menu at his restaurant is 220 euros. But I guess people will pay it to experience it in LA.

Collaboration dinners are always significantly more expensive. E.g. Saison’s collaborations in 2013, The Restaurant at Meadowood’s “12 Days of Christmas” collaborations, etc. etc.

Dang it I’m out of town…

Darn! I was hoping @J_L would come to the rescue. :cry: Have fun wherever you’re off to! :slight_smile:


Me too! :unamused:

I guess I’ll be gracious like @Chowseeker1999 and say, have a nice trip :unamused:. I was counting on you though.

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I could get a 1000 jack-n-box tacos for that price.


But wouldn’t just chugging oil straight from the bottle be cheaper and probably healthier?


But what fun is there in that? :wink:


wow this is elite not going to lie lmao $500 per

I can only speak from my experiences dining at both restaurants (OF only once, last Fall), but from those I feel confident in saying you all should feel good about missing it and saving the $$$.

Of course, I’m always down for a report if someone does end up going.


@a213b My gf felt the same about OF.

Eaten at Providence a few times and don’t remember much tbh. Food is better at Eleven Madison Park for not much more money. Alinea in Chicago was probably weakest on flavor, but insanely memorable overall. Not a lot of fine dining seems to be worth it for me, but I guess that is why it’s a luxury. Value will never be there.

I’m sure kevineats will be all over this

He and his 12 disciples probably bought out the place. BYO craft beers will be a-flowing.

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In case you just want to see Chef Bottura in person while in L.A… This event is happening tomorrow (April 30, 2017)


Any recent Providence reports? Have a celebratory dinner coming up and wondering if Providence is still a good choice for first timers. Haven’t been in over 2 years.


as an alternative…neopolitan pizza pop up, drinks included end of may @$45