Galapagos Island Eats: Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

For those headed to the Galapagos you’ll probably be using Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island as a starting point.

There is an awesome night market where you can get grilled spiny lobster for all of $20-30 USD depending on size and your ability to negotiate a good deal.

Up the street north of the port, there is a little fish market where we saw some fishermen selling there catch. There was 1 vendor selling tuna croquettes at $1 each. Great stuff. Highly recommend.



Every time I see the Galapagos Island Prize on the Price is Right, I’m always screaming at the contestant on the TV, since they don’t realize how expensive it is to go there!

Not nearly as bad as an African safari!

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Heart be still. . .is Porthos a PIR watcher…:revolving_hearts:

Can you imagine if they gave away a Abercrombie & Kent Safari. .yeah baby!

Heading to the Galapagos in Jan 2019. Really excited to see a post in my trusted FTC. Thank you for the tip. If you have any more, or anything in Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia, please post away!

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We’re looking toward next year for the Galapagos also. Another bucket list for us as we get older and creakier every year :slight_smile: