Galatoires for lunch on last day

I’m going out of order here! Lunch on our final day was at Galatoires. I was a tad disappointed to see how casually some people were dressed. Coming from LA, I like the idea of dress codes.

We had intended to go on Friday but it was packed, as it was the Friday before Halloween! So switched plans around and went here for our last meal, instead. We were graciously brought into the restaurant and got great service from our waiter.

We got the fried soft shell crab appetizer which was simply dressed with butter but was excellent! (I miss them - used to buy them at the farmers market live when we lived in Baltimore. Just not as good when we get them LA,)

We also split the shrimp remoulade. It was fine, but couldn’t forget the fantastic version we had of this at GW Finns.

I followed the waiter’s suggestion and had the black drum, I think it was. Excellent! I was going to get something, a sauce, but the waiter suggested that I get instead the hollandaise. He was right there, too! I got the potatoes souffle potatoes since I’d read recommendations of them. They were pretty to look at but not impressive.

My husband’s main course was a little dry for him, crabmeat Yvvone, so he got a side of cream spinach and it really improved it.

We had dessert, also. Can’t remember what it was but it looks good! Waiter suggested it!

Great last meal! I console myself with thoughts of returning!

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Restaurant dress codes in LA? Really? I went to Providence in a suit jacket for an anniversary dinner and I was overdressed for the crowd.

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@Mattapoisett_in_LA —> Me thinks thou doth misunderstand . . . i think Xochitl was saying, “Coming from LA [where dress codes are totally non-existent], I like the idea of dress codes.”

@Xochitl → I agree (presuming I am correct in my interpretation of your comment). I always respect the dress code at Galatoire’s (and other restaurants), and I’m saddened by the other tourists, and – to be fair – the occasional local, who ignore both the dress and the tradition.

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Ok. I got it now. :grin:

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Galatoires was the first place that I ever had a cooked oyster that I enjoyed. Granted, I probably hadn’t been seeking them out at the right places. This was 20 years ago, and it was a revelation. I remember the rest of the meal being very good as well. We stuck to the standards at the time. Breakfast at Brennan’s, a dissapointing meal with really disappointing service at Commander’s Palace, oysters at ACME, and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Of course there were plenty of the obligatory slushie drinks (hey, I was in my 20’s).

I think it’s time for a trip back. Thanks for your great reports!


Precisely! LA, where flip flops are considered formal wear…

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It’s such a short flight there, from LAX or John Wayne! I was there around 12 years ago, and I was worried that my expectations were too high, but the city did not disappoint!

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