Gazpacho - summer tomato season is upon is

Don’t blink

Living the field ripened tomatoes we get at Russian markets. Makes for such amazing soup. (Tom, cucumber, pepper, garlic, onion, bread, sherry vinegar, olive oil.)

But then last night I made another batch of Matsoni (Armenian yogurt). And they work really well together


My favorite gazpacho is Jose Andres’s recipe. There’s a version without bread that I’m particularly fond of…I think it’s his mother’s. I make a batch a week during the summer and garnish with chopped cucumbers and either leftover grilled chicken or shrimp because I don’t want to warm up the kitchen.


Very cool. He taught me how in fact! I yam hose a andress and thees ees made in espain

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I’ve been using a variation on Colman Andrews’s recipe from Catalan Cuisine.

1-1/2 lbs. dead ripe heirloom tomatoes
ripe peppers (I’ve been using the gypsy peppers from our CSA box)
Armenian cucumbers
red onion, preferably fresh
garlic, preferably hard-stem red
1/4 cup good red wine vinegar
salt to taste

Process until smooth and chill.

Andrews calls for peeling the cucumbers (which would surely be a good idea with varieties that have tough, bitter skins) and straining it, but I like the texture as is.

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if i may correct here, these really are Persian no matter how much i like to call them Armenian cucumbers… we have do have our own cuke, it looks like this

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I buy so many tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers this time of year. When they start getting soft, I chop them, put them in the blender glass, salt them, then let it sit for a while, then blend with bread, or not. Maybe strain it over a bowl of toasted bread.

I don’t use garlic or onion, and I always stir in the olive oil in a bowl, after blending. Else it gets too bitter.

cant use too much onion and have to pick the right olive oil… the bigger grassy one i drizzle with but the for the emulsion i use a lighter profile olive oil…

with gazpacho i stick to very strict rules of andalucia :slight_smile: sometimes i do drop watermelon in though

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Oh! Watermelon is great. Try a cherry gazpacho (use red sweet peppers). You’re gonna like it. :slight_smile:

I call those Persian cucumbers and use them when they come in our CSA box.

A farmers market vendor I buy from sells another variety they call Armenian. They’re dark green, kind of pockmarked, and usually feel slightly wilted, though they’re not. Best cucumbers at the market. I’ll try to remember to post a photo next time I see them.

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I think I’d love your version. Definitely pro onion and bread. The hard part seems to be finding the right green peppers that they use in Spain

Agree. So I go orange

Usually i use a green Italian frying pepper. Seems to be close almost anything is better than a green bell though


This vendor used to call these Armenian.

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