GCM burger - Belcampo Meat Co

The Burger:

This gourmet, artisanal butcher shoppe is yet another purveyor of a gourmet burger in the now all two extended gourmet burger renaissance, or perhaps pro to-renaissance. It’s a novel stand surrounded by the old-school food stands and juxtaposed by the countless antediluvian spice stores and homegrown pharmacies that make up the newly rehabilitated cum gentrified Grand Central Market.

The stand has counter seats for roughly a half dozen patrons, possibly a half dozen to few, it must be said. There’s a limited one page menu that ranges from a philly cheesesteak with a gamier kick via the introduction of goat meat to a meatball sub to the eponymous Belcampo burger, which is the sole reason you are there for.
The burger stands not so tall, maybe all of two and half inches in height, and seemingly does not quite aesthetically look the part of a “gourmet” burger, but what a wallop of flavor it gives off. The hand ground beef pastured from their own local farm (possibly part of the locavore movement that’s fashionable these days) melts in the mouth just like purest butter or a prime morsel of o-toro sashimi deserving of a master sushi chef.

The melted cheese (if it even exists, there was none in evidence), the single, microscope sheaf of butter lettuce, possibly no more than a nanometer in thickness, the caramelized onions (though unbelievably tasty) are merely superfluous. The thousand island dressing with barley there top notes of relish rounds out the sweetness of the burger. But it’s truly all about the beef.

They may as well put a nifty placard above the cash register that heralds ALL ABOUT THE BEEF. Though said sign is not actually in evidence.

The burger is consumed in a matter of seconds, possibly four bites. And yet one still feels virtuous, and complacent enough to still take on the day and research the intricacies of corporate malfeasance back at the old office if that’s white shoe working stiffs still do these days.
A paragon of this all too trite genre is what this deceptively simple though exceedingly delicious burger amounts to.

And for the strident, die hard flaneurs who still have nothing better to do ample stomach space beckons for more because why not gild that proverbial lilly.

A cappachino from G and B serves as a pithy tonic, or digestivo and then you are off.

Hence, you move on to Langer’s where a luscious pastrami, hand sliced with all it’s fatty unctuousness awaits your ultimately atavistic tendencies.
A salutary day has been had. Everything is well with the world save perhaps in the way of some delicious eye candy and then some.


Are you talking about the burger at Belcamo at Grand Central Market in LA?

I believe so (see 3rd line of 2nd paragraph).


GCM burger.

Thanks for changing the number of characters.

Ordered a double fast burger for lunch at GCM - solid. But to take @TonyC’s complaint a step further, they now have a “secret menu” of set burger upgrades such as:

Hawaiian Style - pineapple, jalapeno, bacon, avocado, burger sauce, caramelized onion, lettuce, american cheese (+$4.50)

Australian Style - beets, fried egg, bacon, avocado, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese (+$4.50)

BBQ Style - bacon, jalapeno, bbq sauce, coleslaw, pickles, cheddar cheese, lettuce, caramelized onion (+$2.75)

Veggie Style - mushrooms, cheddar cheese, lettuce, caramelized onion, tomato, burger sauce ($5)

Looks like they’re making the GCM menu completely burger-centric…

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Wow, those extra “secret burgers”… sadness.

I mean the beef quality is there. Yet they’re piling on more and more crazy toppings, all it does is just hide / mask the beef goodness.


I had the veggie burger last night, no fucking joke.

seems like you’re targeting a niche demographic of ladies – kosher vegans?

I just wanted to try the burger for those glorious caramelized onions.

@kevin - how was the veggie burger? House made or one of those gawd-awful frozen things (er, though some of those are okay - but many aren’t). Or did the mushroom sub for the patty?

It’s like the regular GCM burger sans burger patty. So no veggie patty.

I guess the mushrooms make up for the fucking meat.

It’s also half the price. I told them to double down on the caramelized onions.

And that’s no fucking joke.

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That Australian style sounds vile.

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Thanks @kevin - I think we need to get down there. It sounds marvelous!

I’d rate it as the best burger I’ve had in many years.

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One morning when the line at Eggslut was beyond the two hour mark, I decided to try the steak and eggs at Belcampo Meat Co. instead. It was $25 for rib eye and eggs, it was cooked perfectly and among the best steak and eggs I’ve ever had.

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@kevin Blackboard eats 30% off all Belcampo’s today’s offer…

of note, the frequent burger club card, as I was told, gets maximum of ONE STAMP PER VISIT. don’t go order burgers for all your senior partners thinking you’re gonna get the free burger on the next trip. not gonna happen.

just have each one of your friends make a separate order and keep passing the card on. LOL