General Tso's Chicken @ Huang BBQ Seafood (East Hollywood)

Wondering if @chandavkl has been to Huang BBQ Seafood in East Hollywood on Melrose (and Harvard).

Why, you ask? Because the place has General Tso’s chicken. And Orange Chicken to boot as well. So, you’d figure they’re probably not masquerading one for the other, as so many places seem to do on the left coast.

We didn’t get either, however, settling instead for some congee (preserved egg with roast duck). I save my battered, fried chicken meat product quotient for McDonalds.

is this the place w/ the market + restaurant on the south side of Melrose?


It’s actually on the north side of Melrose me thinks. There’s a market adjacent to the restaurant but I’m pretty sure it’s not related to the restaurant.

just googled the street view, and it’s the location I’m thinking about (south side, btw). i’ve been meaning to pop in and check it out. it was my understanding that the fish (?) market was part of the restaurant. Was the food any good? or should I just keep driving past?

I don’t believe Worldwide Seafood Mkt is related, but who knows.

As to the restaurant. It’s certainly not a destination sort of place. If you’re in the area, and have a hankering for old-school gloppy Chinese, then go for it. After all, it’s cheap enough and there’s free parking.

I’m close to the area regularly. Old-school gloppy Chinese can scratch an occassional itch (maybe some beef & brocolli or combo fried rice or pork slices/ribs w/ a red florescent glow to the edges). If I feel like that sort of thing—a tad closer to home is Sea Dragon on Vermont/1st. It’s also very cheap n easy parking.

Never ceases to amaze how free (and easy) parking can make an otherwise inconspicuous restaurant all that much more conspicuous.

very true. the ability to make a quick n easy stop can make a big difference in LA (for daily, reasonably priced food). there are many places that i’ve wanted to check out, but after circling the block more than a couple of times—I pass and never go back. if it’s a destination place or worth the cost for parking (in addition to the cost of the food), then I have no problem valet-ing it or a pay lot.

Until I stopped and actually thought about it, I have to admit that Uber has made so many more restaurants a more convenient, and viable, option for me. Especially if both my companion and myself decide to enjoy an adult beverage or two. Or three.

very true. often Uber is a much better option and certainly cheaper than a $10,000 DUI

Huang’s is probably the sixth in a series of Chinese restaurants at that location over the past 25 years, each of which has been the only authentic Chinese restaurant within a several mile radius. It was originally a branch of Kim Tar, back when they had several locations, and indeed is a welcome oasis in the vast Chinese food wasteland that is Hollywood-Koreatown-Mid City. I’d take it any day over the highest Yelp rated Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles city, which at last glance had been Wah’s Golden Hen on Virgil.

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