Gerrards beer caves - Redlands

This independent grocery store has the largest selection of beer I’ve ever seen. The aisle the photo is looking down is about 20% of th eselection.

I got four-packs of Monks Cafe, Petrus Aged Pale, and Blanche de Bruxelles, then gave up browsing so I wouldn’t bankrupt myself.

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That’s a pretty awesome find Robert! Thanks for the info. :smile:

You’re doing some good sleuthing in the Redlands area.

No sleuthing. My foodie hosts took me to some of their favorite places.

Sorry to be so late on this post. Gerrard’s is kind of a local institution. I grew up with the owner’s daughter, and it was a regular snack stop on my way home from school as a teenager. Good to see it getting some love here. They’ve always been known for being a higher-end option in the area.

Fun fact: The market was in a Superbowl ad this year. The Doritos commercial with the dogs trying to buy chips was made by Redlands natives and was filmed at Gerrard’s.

I’m curious as to what farm in Mentone your friends own. My family owned a fencing and power equipment business out there way back in the day ('70’s-'90’s).

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Very cool. Thanks. I’m actually heading out that way for Easter tomorrow. Looking forward to some fresh-picked navels from my parents’ property in Redlands.

kevineats’ secret stash…

Am I just oddly “in the loop” regarding beer? These are like three of the most common beers I drink.

I would have hoped such a place would have a selection of more interesting/rare things to try out, that were worth getting anyway.

If they had some Goose Island Bourbon County…or a bit of Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme, that would be worth the drive easily.