Get thee to ST Patisserie

For their amazing buche de noel. A single slice will cost you $7 if they are available and a whole one for $38. Flavors range from cappuccino, yuzu hazelnut, exotic (passion fruit mango) and chocolate raspberry. I got the last slice of exotic and it blew me away. Slightly sweet but rich vanilla bean creme was thus cut by a slightly tangy passion fruit mango on top. At first bite the rich vanilla coats your mouth with blast of rich vanilla, then a nice subtle tang of passion fruit mango to refresh the palate. Their was an added texture of some sort, a crunchy almond ??? brittle like bottom with a nice coconut for another layer of flavor. This cake has the perfect balance of sweet, sour, richness and texture. One other thing to note, the temperature at which these desserts are stored at are perfect. Just a small subtlety I thought makes a world of difference for the palate.

This is seriously one of the best desserts I have had in a while. Not sure how long they will sell them or if they will sell them at all after Christmas, but I will be sure to keep this in my must get list when available.

Highly recommend. I know the trek to South OC is unbearable for some, but ST Patisserie is such a gem.


I bought a chocolate eclair from ST once. Left it in my work fridge to bring home to my wife. Some jerk went into the bag, opened the box with the ST sticker on over the opening and ate all but about 1/2 inch of the eclair. What I tasted of the eclair was delicious. Was very upset about the incident and haven’t been back since.

My only complaint is the hours they are open because it would be nice to have dessert after Taco Maria.

We’ll have to go back during the day to try the buche we noel. This sounds and looks great.

Kicking myself for not buying a whole one. I am hoping they still have a yuzu or an exotic to buy over the weekend. It may sound crazy, but $38 for a whole is a pretty good value. Hopefully they will make them through New Years.

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LOL who would do that?

Seriously, how does this person not eat the entire eclair? :joy:

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That was the most infuriating thing. It was like they were taunting me. I wrote a expletive laced note in black permanent marker that I decided last minute not to post in the work kitchen. It took everything I had not to post that note.

Going to the area next week will try to stop by and see if they still have the buche de noel.

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Ha, you are way nicer than me. I had someone continually taking my lunch, so it took me a week to make this shrimp salad recipe.

Shrimp frozen and defrosted multiple times, as well as left out on the counter a couple nights in between.

No more stolen food and no one died, so all is good.


I went back today and grabbed a whole yuzu hazelnut buche de noel. The girl at the counter said today is most likely the last day they will be on sale. I have to say, the “exotic” flavored one was awesome, one of the best desserts I have had. The yuzu hazelnut I got today is good tasting still, but not the wow factor like the previous.

I will definitely be buying the “exotic” next year.


You’re nicer than me. I was thinking razor blades or ricin.


The place is nowhere near South OC according to Google, it’s in Costa Mesa by Taco Maria. If that’s correct, then it’s at nearly the Northernmost tip of OC.

Is there a different one in South OC?

That looks divine! Much better than the cheap version my cousin’s parents purchased from some Middle Eastern bakery in the OC…vanilla boring topped with not ripe fruit.

I would have never ordered this on my own. But it was excellent. A well composed, expertly executed and delicious dessert. Great balance of flavors. Would not be out of place at any fine dining establishment. Still trying to figure out what was in the bottom crunchy part.

This was a single serve $7.50 portion. Too bad they are not open late night for after taco maria.


Really good to know they have this regularly. I will be grabbing one in the near future for sure.

Almond croissant :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: so balanced.


we really need a separate OC forum

That looks good. Sometimes you see almond croissants that are too heavy and flat.

That would still not change the fact that ST Patisserie is delicious.

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Check out how airy their kouign amann is. I liked the almond croissant more and am not sure there is a better one in SoCal, but the kouign amann is also great. Straight butter flavor and a nice sugar crust. But the butter was the more prominent flavor.

I also had an exotic again too, which was fantastic as usual.


No you don’t. What you end up with is two half dead sub-forums.


who said it would?