Get your cháo on at Tu Thanh

Every once in a while, a big plate of eggs, bacon and what-not just won’t do for breakfast.

So when that time rolls around, it’s usually congee of some sort. I usually head out to Minh Ky, but today tried out Tu Thanh down a few blocks south over on University in City Heights.

It’s one of the few places, if not the only one, that offers up congee with pork blood and blood sausages. Their rendition is quite good. The rice is rendered down to a nice thick consistency, without completely destroying the integrity of the individual rice grains. Even on its own without the saltiness and metallic earthiness of the pork innards, the congee had a nice subtle savoriness to it.

Add in the blood cubes and sausages and you have the makings of a wonderful bowl of carbs, hemoglobin, and water.

Basically, all major food groups!

Tu Thanh
4804 University Ave (x-street 48th)

Sounds good, thanks.