Getting around LA on public transit

The subway’s normal except for way fewer passengers, but the buses seem to be free, no TAP card readers or fare boxes. I can’t find any official statement about that.

Fare leniency by Metro governance to promote ridership during the pandemic.

I figured, but it seens weird that meanwhile the web site has normal fare information and making rides free is being discussed in future tense. I mean, removing all the fare boxes and TAP terminals was a major undertaking.

What a pleasant “surprise” for the masses!

Yep! As a frequent Metro traveler pre-pandemic that is eager to ride again (Been biking mostly in its place, but that has seriously limited my pop and hit radius), Both the bus drivers and the cops hired out from the metro don’t want to be checking fares at the moment, especially with other concerns about bus/transit safety. The BEST thing do, especially as a courtesy to the bus driver is just come in masked, don’t say a word, and then go straight the back. They don’t want you anywhere near them for any longer than you have to.


Not all lines are free - I took a Montebello bus line from Boyle Heights to Hollywood + Highland three weeks ago and was expected to pay a fare.

Food related: El Cap concessions are open.

Montebello buses aren’t LA Metro.

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Wear the mask in public . Yes