Ggiata Delicatessen

It looks quite good and Eater gave them a nice shout out.
But, strangely, the vast majority of the yelp photos seem to be either
a) from the owner, or
b) highly staged/composed (kind of feels like they are all friends of the business)…except the arancini shot below - wtf! :slight_smile:


It’s solid. But I still prefer the likes of Pizzana, Cosa Buona, Roma, Bay Cities, e.Stretto, etc.

Very strong social media game though - great photos, and got a lot of media hype from Eater (as you noted), Infatuation :confused: , and the almightly IG influencers.

Out of a ghost kitchen as well, if that affects anything.


Thanks - I never had a pizzana sando. Didn’t even know they had them TBH.


Interesting…not on the Brentwood menu…maybe just at other locations?

Pizzana only offers the sandwiches as off menu specials announced on IG. After I read the LA Times blurb about the Padrino sando, I checked their IG feed daily until I saw it was offered it at the Brentwood branch as a special for the week. The WeHo Pizzana offers it sometimes as well.

I posted my pic in a different thread a while back. About 3 times more than B.C.’s Godmother, but worth every penny!


Ggiata looks quite nice if i lived closer. We have some great sandwich options close by now including Pizzana, Uncle Paulie’s, Haute Mess

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I pick up from the WeHo one. Should be at both on most days (at least the Padrino). Agree w/ @foodshutterbug on the $, but it’s a loaded sando and everything is housemade.

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Ggiata: This isn’t gjust another Travis Lett venture, right? :slight_smile:

Gjustifiable assumption :wink:


I miss ink sack sandwiches


Gjenerally I gjoke or gjest, but this is legjit.

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All of the Pizzana ones look overstuffed, and not in a good way.

I have been. Arancini sucked lol. The sandwich was decent… but like others are saying there is better out there.

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It is a horrible looking arancini!

No orders on the phone nor through their website. Only through an app. Not my thing.

It’s a shame 'cause they’re pretty close to me.

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Truly, one of my pet peeves too. #GetOffMyPorchYouDarnKids :smiley:

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Pizzana was not good. I would rather have Jersey Mikes Italian sub.

Went to Ggiata Delicatessen today. Had no idea it was a ghost kitchen. Looked like I was picking up at an unmarked auto parts store.

Guy told me there are like 35 kitchens back there.

Burata, heirloom tomatoes, basil etc. burata was so soft it was like eating a yogurt parfait. It was very nice though. Tomatoes were super flavorful.

Italian Roast Beef
“Roast beef, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, arugula, Calabrian aioli on charred seeded baguette.” $15

Italian wifey is, crazy enough, NOT a ciabatta fan. So she had it put on seeded baguette.

The baguette is not typical. Chewy kind of like a stirato. Like ciabatta in a baguette shape without the flour. Instead thousands upon thousands of sesame seeds. And when they toast the bread, a sesame explosion… in a good way.

Tender beef, the peppery arugula with the aioli and roasted peppers. Delicious.

Chicken Parm
“Chicken cutlet, pomodoro basil sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, basil pesto, grated Romano on charred seeded baguette.” $15

Didn’t think I’d like this with the sesame seeds. But it worked. Not very saucy (probably could have used a side of sauce) but nice. Not my favorite one in LA but good.

Joe Chips from a place called Joes Teas in New Jersey. Reminded me of the texture of Tim’s, or maybe Poore’s.

Crispy and a tad crunchy but not as hard crunchy as Kettle brand. Flavor was more subtle. Liked them.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
No. Just… no. Had that burnt taste like way too much molasses from maybe dark brown sugar. Plus dark underside.

Olive Oil
Limoncello olive cake with sour cherry drizzle, almond frosting, and candied pistachios.

Didn’t take it out. Wifey is saving it so I don’t know a thing. Looks good.

Edit: ok had the cake. Love it!!! The candied pistachios with the super sour cherry and sweet frosting. Expensive at $10 but damn… craveable


BTW, you can order from

Order Ggiata or View Full Menu At ChowNow


Those sandwiches look great. The semolina reminds me of the East coast.