Gift Certificate Suggestions

My husband and I always buy our in-laws a gift certificate to a restaurant for their wedding anniversary. Any suggestions? Previous gift certificates to AOC and Lucques have been big hits. They tend to like places with plentiful vegetable options, and my MIL tends to shy away from red meat. I was thinking they’d like Rustic Canyon, but they don’t travel to the Westside so much. Anything in the Valley, Hollywood, and Downtown would be great. Thanks so much!

In DTLA, consider Alma or Providence.

Maybe also Orsa & Winston.

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Thanks for the suggestions, ipsedixit! We did Alma a few years ago. I’m not sure the food was the best fit for them, but they enjoyed the experience. They shared their bottle of wine with the staff, so they got great service!

Providence looks really good, but perhaps doesn’t have enough vegetable side dish/appetizer options for them. Orsa & Winston looks like the winner to me. They used to frequent Josef Centeno’s Lazy Ox Canteen, so I’m sure Orsa & Winston will be right up their alley. Thanks again!

iirc, providence serves a vegetarian tasting menu. . . .

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n/naka does gift certs.

Thanks for the suggestions, westsidegal and TonyC. Sorry for the confusion. The in-laws aren’t vegetarian, but just like their veg. My FIL loves going to Trattoria Dell’Arte in NYC for their vegetable antipasto table, but he is, alas, a very confirmed carnivore. Perhaps Providence could do a vegetable-heavy tasting menu with some meat and fish options. Good thought! n/naka sounds great too. However, they don’t get to the Westside too often, but I think they’d love a meal there.

@farmertomato and Mrs. Farmertomato were okay with making a trip to Santa Monica, so we bought them a gift card at Cassia. We also thought they might enjoy the location because they could have a nice, little aperitif at Esters before their meal.

Initially, we were going to get a gift certificate for Rustic Canyon since their menu is so closely aligned with my in-laws’ tastes, but it ended up being a no-go. I called the restaurant on Thursday, and they said we could drop by on Saturday afternoon to purchase a gift card. When we stopped by there on Saturday, they wouldn’t let us in and were pretty rude about the whole thing.

The staff at Cassia (under the same ownership at Rustic Canyon) on the other hand was very warm and welcoming.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Like the Orsa & Winston idea.

Gary Menes’ Le Comptoir would be another good idea.

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Alma has closed, alas

Ha ha, that may be one way to get on the outs with @farmertomato and Mrs. Farmertomato. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Actually, they wanted to visit the revamped Clifton’s, but that’s hardly an anniversary dinner - unless your idea of romance is some measly shreds of tepid turkey. On the other hand, a gift certificate might go a long way there if you go light on the booze.

Yes, Le Comptoir looks perfect, @revets2. I’ll keep it in mind for next year. Thanks!

Does Orsa and Winston for sure have gift certs?