Girl & the Goat - the Chicago original

It’s not like me to pass up goat liver mousse, but I’d had foie gras and pate a few hours earlier.

Really nice bread, house-made from spring wheat, dotted with nice crunchy bits of crushed wheat.

Duck tongues with tuna and black bean poke: dubious-sounding but totally worked, great combination of flavors and textures. Reminded me of what Izard made on Top Chef, where I’d be looking at how happy the judges were and thinking, well, that sounds weird, but obviously it’s good.

Confit goat belly with bourbon butter, lobster, crab, and fennel: similar story. As an effete snob I’ll say that the crab could / should have been better (where would they be getting it this time of year?), but it was a genius dish that made me forget that. Delicious.

Pig face with egg and potato stix (all mixed up for eating, when they present it you don’t see much but the egg), nothing dubious about that combination.

This sounded so much like something from Top Chef or maybe even more Iron Chef: Battle Miso that I couldn’t resist. Saltiest dessert I’ve ever had. With a few minor changes it could have been a savory dish. Very nice way to end a delightful meal.

Great service. Wine list could use some naturalization.


Love that pig face. I remember the duck tongue being very good as well.

thinking to book this place unless someone can think of something else new and more interesting

@Helper_Monkey any throw back bar shouts in the center ?

Fat Rice

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publican quality meats
au cheval cheeseburger


Did book Publican also

Both looking great, thanks

I’d suggest a burger at the original Au Cheval location above all else. So damn good. I’d also highly recommend adding Longman & Eagle to your list. I love that place.

If you need to get Chicago style pizza, Pequods is the best. My favorite pizza in Chicago is New Haven style though at a brewery called Piece.

I wasn’t crazy about Fat Rice. Nothing stood out relative to what can be found here in LA.

An Italian sub from JP Graziano is a must.

For bars, Billy Sunday, Whistler and Violet Hour all do great cocktails and have a good vibe. A spot called Lost Lake can be fun. Map Room is a great beer bar. Finally, the Aviary is pretty mind blowing if you can get a reservation and want to spend the cash.

Most importantly, if you’ve never been to Smart Bar and they have good people playing when you’re there, you’ll love it.

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My man. Thanks. Yes on smart bar. And friends are playing around town as well. Is the au cheval I need the one right across the street from girl and goat ?

Edit. Guess it’s just the one location I’m Chicago. Can’t see reservations guess I’ll stroll on in

A anything french ?

Stinks. The good night at smartbar when a friend plays is a Sunday when I leave


No rezzies sounds right?

Got French?


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Thanks. Crud. Not going any of that. I’ll check it out Wednesday and if it’s a big wait I’ll go to my backup rez.

Purple pig is in my work building

My Au Cheval strategy is either showing up at around 10:15am and being seated by 11:00am’ish, or going during peak dinner hours, putting the name in, and then having a few cocktails somewhere super close like Lazy Bird or one of the many restaurant bars nearby. If hungry, pass the time at the bar of Momatoro right there and enjoy some good high-end izakaya.

For French, Avec is incredible and heavily French influenced.

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Also for French, look into Everest, La Sardine, or Les Nomades.

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For Au Cheval, go for brunch. They still serve the burger and they have excellent hash browns and a bologna sandwich.

Try to check out Doves Luncheonette in Wicker Park, they have an awesome chicken fried steak that they serve all day

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Chicagoans are telling me to skip Publican and Girl

I was plenty impressed by my meal at G&tG. What do people have against it or where do they think you should go instead?

Also take a look at LTHForum, Chicago’s long-standing equivalent to FTC. A really fantastic community.