Gjelina - what to order? ? ??

so i’ve never been to gjelina for dinner :scream:, what should i order?

I’ve found their treatment of vegetables to be where they really shine - which makes sense considering many of their patrons seem to subsist on plants alone.

I’d order lots of those to share with your table and then pad it out with whatever else looks interesting on the menu.


Tough to go wrong. The kitchen rarely disappoints. Vegetable and seafood are usually perfect but meats are no slouch either.
If you like a very thin crust pizza get one, I have enjoyed the lamb pizzas quite a BIT.


I see SB Spot Prawns are on the (online) menu - and I believe this is the season - would not miss those.

Roasted Romanesco, Grilled Radicchio,and the Nettles/Ricotta Gnochi would also be on my table with the Lamb Sausage Pizza. OMG - it has been way to long since I have been to little G.


The pizza is wonderful, my favorite is their lamb sausage also those brussels sprouts are amazing. And don’t forget the salted caramel dessert

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From someone who has spent way too much time at Gjelina . . . you can’t really go wrong with any of the vegetables, salads or pizzas that catch your eye. Pork meatballs are also a favorite. I’m not a seafood eater, but others love the crudos, prawns, mussels. And if you’re into less mainstream meats - they do some interesting things like lamb neck, pork collar, rabbit. As for desserts, the butterscotch pot de creme is justly famous, but I also love the warm date cake (similar to sticky toffee pudding) which is usually on the menu this time of year. Menu changes daily (and sometimes mid-service, depending on what’s available). Also know that they’re very strict on no modifications, deletions or substitutions. Enjoy!


I like thin crispy crust, how’s their tip saggage?

It sags - a lot.