Gjusta adding alcohol

The patio was closed on Monday and the entire restaurant was closed on Tuesday. My friend told me that they were adding patio covering to adhere to some rules for being granted a full liquor license. It sure would be nice to have a beer or glass of wine to pair with their food.


Oh, my. I may have to move closer.


This was in the report and what they were working on I guess. Sounds like alcohol at Gjusta might be imminent.

‘Gjusta patio will be enclosed with skylight and doors.’

Gift and a curse. Now it gives more reason for people to just sit around occupying seats. Hopefully they add more seating too.


I vote curse, but then again, I always order for take away anyway. The space in and of itself is lovely, the food is great and I’ve had only positive experiences with the employees, but being there is the pits. I stand with Zach. (I post that a bit tounge-in-cheek as I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but I probably lean more nay than yay.)

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Well this is going to really make Gjusta an extra fun place!

I hope they are able to sell wine or beer to go though…that would be nice.

Now you won’t be able to get out for under $100 though haha

I’m torn here, too. On the one hand, I’d love to be able to have a drink at Gjusta, and I’ll bet the cocktails they come up with will be amazing. On the other, evenings have long been the best time to hit Gjusta, especially on the weekends. That’s about to change…

Zach had lived not too far from Gjelina and Gjusta for a number of years. He now lives a lot closer to Gjusta, so he has more of a vested interest in keeping the driving components of the gentrification engine to a minimum.

I am guessing that his perspective is also affected by the large number of homeless people who camp out on the streets directly adjacent to Gjusta. I always feel odd when grabbing food from Gjusta. I grabbed a sandwich, some salad, a rice pudding and a coffee the other day - $40 including tip. Not cheap, but not devastatingly expensive either, unless you are one of those folks camped out on the sidewalk around 3rd and Sunset.

Zach’s a pretty straight-up dude who still drives an older Subaru wagon, so he’s not the celebrity baller type. Yet it’s thee actors like him (Dennis Hopper>>>John Cusack>>>Julia Roberts et al) who came to Oakwood/DogTown and unwittingly started the gentrification cycle. SHRUG…

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