Gjusta or Lodge Bread

gjusta for the anchovy toast, tomato confit toast and chopped liver toast.


The people-watching at Gjusta can also be priceless.


How about Wexler’s?

Gjusta by a mile and i think they take reservations now?

Neptune’s Net would be way fun for the kiddos for lunch.

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Malibu Seafood > Neptune’s Net for the food.
Neptunes’ Net > Malibu Seafood for the people watching.


I really like Wexler’s, but some feel that their pastrami is too smoky, and the SaMo location closes at 4PM (argh).

yeah i vote gjusta too. went for the first time kinda recently and i was blown away. if this were in NELA i’d eat there twice a week!

Lodge is meh.

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Gjusta food is better, but Lodge’s set up is more kid friendly.

Thanks all, I think we’re gonna do Gjusta. And then try one of the seafood joints mentioned above for lunch!

What about Gjelina vs Gjusta for breakfast? Any pref there? Assume I’m going with 14 and 11 yo as well, who are well behaved and love food, but not looking for anything too fancy. Seems like both have great menus…


Gjelina is an excellent restaurant.

Gjusta is a counter-service sort of deli. Perhaps the least hospitable place I’ve ever eaten at.

Cora’s was great for years before Marder destroyed it…a real friendly, filled with regulars greasy spoon!

wow, didn’t know Gjelina was open for breakfast…

JL, whats your beef there? I like Broad St…was there early twice, no crowd, and I liked the lobster roll

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For what it’s worth, they’ve now expanded the seating area far into the parking lot.

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Same. Thought the food was pretty tasty and the beer selection/garden was great.


Several visits to Broad Street Oyster Co. from my end (2 of my own volition; 2 more cuz I was dragged there by out of town guests): Poor food prep, wrong orders on two visits (one with egregious error in billing), stingy portion on uni supplements, and just not exciting tastes overall. And the wait was interminable for the type of food we were ultimately getting.

But I am happy to hear others have had better experiences there.


this could be an interesting new thread dedicated to bill errors in restaurants.

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yeah, I can understand your displeasure…nothing even close to that happened to me…like I said, I went early, hung out by the beach in the morning fog, went there around 11am when they opened and everything was perfect!