Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta

I will say they have an excellent day before thanksgiving operation. The pies are picked up next door at the housewares shop. The bread line is separate from the lunch line but they will sell you a loaf if you order lunch. The only thing you do have to pre-order is the Baguettes… they go first. But I get my baguettes at Surfas so I’ve been fine just getting right before lunch for the rustic loaves…

Neither was I. Bread was weird soft, incl crust, and it stayed soft for several days, which is… weird.


I may very likely give this a go. Recent years I have been using skillet cornbread w/ jalapeño and even doing a turkey fried rice and excluding stuffing altogether (relatives were not a fan of the fried rice :smile:) But this sounds like it may get me to make tradition (at least for my family) stuffing.

Thanks for the intel!


After three post Lett visits, I am officially calling a downhill alert. The small little details I have noticed steadily decline and now the final conclusion came today.

I had a prime rib butcher and it was damn good, however not the OMFG experience from the past. The cooking on this was just average, it was overcooked to the point where the meat was just gray however still juicy. Also, the slicing of the meat was much thicker than before. The meat had a bouncy bite instead of that luscious melty texture from before. The flavor is also not as great as it was before, I do remember a nice finishing salt and black pepper and I didn’t taste any of that now.

I am going to try it one more time, dine in on there patio. But just look at the Lett and post Lett pictures of this sandwich.

Post Lett :sob:

Lett era :heart_eyes:

Grabbed a side of fries today as well, terrible. Dry and chewy. The saving grace was there amazing aoili which is fuckin amazing.

I have also noticed the salads are not as craveworthy as they used to be. The smoked salmon is also not as luscious in texture as it was before and not the same smoke flavor I once remembered.

Bread is still fantastic so I will continue to get grabbing.


Very disappointing to hear.

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Looks like a scrapple sammie


To be fair, they were pretty bad the one time I had them while Lett was still there.

The sandwich just looks wrong. :slightly_frowning_face:


Do any West-coasters know what that is, let alone eaten it?



Not this west coaster. What is it? :slight_smile:

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A frequent breakfast staple in the Dining Commons during College. Though the campus version was a pale imitation of what you would get in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Nose to tail food before it became a thing.

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I haven’t had scrapple in a long time and grilled scrapple is delicious

Had it in Amish country once. Easy to find in SE PA.

With Pennsylvania Dutch family history, I am well acquainted with scrapple.

Fair enough. This was my first time getting the fries so I have no baseline for that, they were just really badly thank you for the insight.

I’ll probably still go and grab some bread since it still is the same and is my favorite in town. Really sad to see one of their greatest creations served like this, the prime rib butcher was the one sandwich I ordered pretty much every visit. Not sure what the reasoning behind why they even sliced the meat so thick.

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Scrapple is a dish made by taking Pork bones and making a stock and cooking leftover pork parts then then thicken with corn meal and maybe some flour and then make a congealed loaf.

Then after it’s solidified, you slice it and pan fry it like maybe Spam.

It was a way to use the whole hog. Started in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

When I lived in Ohio, many places didn’t really use the funky parts of the pig to make theirs, they used pork shoulder and some places would use oats instead of cornmeal, but I think that’s called something else.


Has anybody been to Gjusta lately? It’s been at least 2 years since my last visit but planning on coming here around lunchtime Sunday for Father’s Day. I looked at the menu and see most of the old standbys but wondering if anything new popped up.
prime rib butcher
fish plate
Italian sandwich
whatever veggies look good
carrot cake

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was there several months ago - the only notable change i noticed was that they stopped making the porchetta…


I get take out from Gjusta a fair amount since it’s pretty close to where we live. Prime Rib Butcher and Fish plate are also my go-tos.

In addition, we like the Tomato confit and white anchovie toast, their pizza by the slice, and for dessert the tahini croissant (new) and of course the baklava croissant if you haven’t tried it.


They are no longer taking reservations. Looks like they lost their liquor license.

In an effort to accommodate all of our customers we have decided to transition back to full counter service for takeout and dine-in. This means no need to book or leave your name with the hosts, you will simply order at the counter, be given a number to take to a table that best accommodates your party, and we will bring your food and drinks out to you as soon as they are ready. The current shortage of hospitality staff has affected our ability to execute full service dining, and the return to this service model will allow us to look after you the best way we can right now. Our modified hours of operation during this time is 7am-9pm. Thank you always, for your continued support.

We are not currently offering cocktails, wine or beer nor are we able to accommodate BYOB. We apologize for any inconvenience.