Gjusta Porchetta Butcher - YES // Gusta Porchetta Melt - NO

Big thanks to @A5KOBE for alerting me to the difference between the two sandwiches

My first ever visit to Gjusta was for the GPM shortly after the place opened, and it was not very good. Melting the cheese, and adding the onion and rapini, as is done on the GPM, takes away from the beauty and simplicity that is the GPB. The cracklin’ loses all it’s punch on the GBM but packs a wallup on the GPB. GPB is so much porkier too.


I understand the wabi sabi of the GPB but in this post truth era sometimes more is more! Vote GPM :smiley:

brought to you by the council for stinky cheese



This is cray cray talk. :wink: Porchetta melt is like the best Philly style roast pork Italian ever.


I should try it again - it was like the first week of operations. But the crunch I associate with great porchetta was sadly absent. If they changed the names to Porchetta Butcher // Philly Style Roast Pork with Fontina, perhaps I could live with the situation.

I don’t quite follow.

Hhahahahh I was wondering when someone would call me on using wabi sabi incorrectly.

I meant the beauty of the simplicity of the GPB vs the over the topness of the GPM which I really do love.

Plus I though it would be okay to poke a little (not too much) fun at the seriousness of some of the other threads.

There is a certain connectivity between all of this. Wabi Sabi (on Abbot Kinney) was started by Robert Schwan. He went on to partner up and start Gjelina et al.

Drove by that place quite a bit but never went inside. Was it any good?

“Good for what it is” kind of place. Rolls, Japa-Cal dishes, lots of beer and driinks. It was very innovative for its time and locarion. Wabi Sabi was one of the early birds on Abbot Kinney. I don’t know if Schwan still owns it. The restaurant went through a lengthy major revamp.

My favorite sandwich at Gjusta is kippered salmon on olive bread with pickled red onions.

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I do see your point. There’s an expectations thing going on, especially after you’ve tried the butcher. There’s also some variation – sometimes it’s transcendent, other times just okay.

Tangential aside: Both the porchetta and turkey butcher sandwiches do well on plane trips.

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